Kathleen Dress

Between Hillary Clinton, Sheryl Sandberg, Beyonce, Tina Fey and all the other boss-ladies out there, America’s definition of beautiful has truly evolved. There’s a new dialogue happening about beauty, and the notion of the “perfect woman” is becoming broader every day to include smart women, funny women, trailblazing women, curvy women, powerful women and beyond.

So what about petite women? They’re no minority–in fact, about half the population of American women qualifies as petite, reaching an average height of about 5’4”. And they’re shattering glass ceilings too–but why is it that all they can find in their favorite stores are too-big clothes that only fit… someone else?

Introducing Carolina Alvo, a brand that’s about to turn petite style on its head. Named after its founder, the line was born after Carolina herself realized that all 4’9” of her was sick of ill-fitting clothes and endless trips to the tailor. Now, after years of research, Carolina and her team are on the cusp of bringing the brand’s signature garment to life: A fit-and-flare beauty that transitions seamlessly from day to night named The Kathleen dress.

The team behind The Kathleen is raising $15,000 on Kickstarter with the goal of being able to bring her to a nation of amazing women who deserve something beautiful made just for them. The funds will go into sourcing high-quality fabrics from Japan, which will be measured against a 5’2” model to ensure a perfect fit. Kathleen will then be craftedright in New York City–where all great fashion is born–and will offer several hem lengths options.

It’s time to change the fashion industry to accommodate beautiful women of all sizes. Donations big and small to the Carolina Alvo fund, and shares of this page using the hashtag

[insert selection], will help make Kathleen a reality. After all, she’s more than just a dress–she’s a game-changer, just like the women she’s designed for. Because tiny is mighty, and petite women deserve clothes that measure up.

Via Janine Just