The Haxby Brand is a new breed of luxury, Haxby was founded on the principle that skill, time, and dedication must never be compromised when mastering an art form. Their mission is to combine artistry with precision, historical craftsmanship with ingenuity, and timeless refinement with contemporary edge. A carefully selected an elite group of artisans, designers and craftsmen are all brought together for one common goal – to create the finest handcrafted pieces using only the highest quality materials available.

At the peak of its European reign in the 15th century, England was home to the world’s most prominent goldsmiths. However, their product’s prestige was tarnished by crowded marketplaces infamous for peddling counterfeit gold and silver. Upon learning of the deceit, King Edward established an Assay Office that certified the authenticity of precious metals. Set near Haxby, England, the Office’s mark was a crowned leopard’s head – the symbol and only true identifier of a dignified merchant. For centuries, this mark has remained the universal indicator of excellence. Today, the Haxby crowned leopard’s head continues to represent extraordinary standards and quality beyond expectation.

At Haxby, every detail of the production process has been mastered. Each piece the culmination of generations of deliberate consideration, rooted in timeless technique and brought to life with distinguished contemporary design. Handmade by the world’s most skilled craftsmen, our products are constructed to meet the unrelenting standards of the English goldsmiths who served as the original purveyors of quality. Haxby offers today’s discerning client a different kind of luxury goods company – one dedicated to the pursuit of innovative design and quality without compromise.