Katya Leonovich (29)Katya Leonovich (32)

During Fashion week, Pier 59 plays host to the more independent and cutting edge designers who are knifing there way though the morass with the precision of a Ginsu.

From Russia to NYC, Katya Leonovich has a defining inspiration from the arts and architecture. With the Spring 2015 show we see the expert blend of the previous seasons focus and an introduction of the organic.

Katya Leonovich (19) Katya Leonovich (10)

When asked about the organic, Katya replied, “I do not want to go too far from the earth, as this is where I am from.” This is highly evident with the textural addition to the line creating the effect of living coral on many of the pieces.  Even the colors evoke the organic, greys, blues and lilac, rushing in as do spring flowers forcing their way through the fertile earth.

Katya Leonovich (2) Katya Leonovich (28)

Her organic roots are also felt in the overall structure of her pieces that have a warmth and energy not normally associated with laser cut and 3-d printed pieces.  This is not to say that Katya is not breaking new ground.  Pioneering a complement of new materials and techniques, Katya has introduced a brave new world for Spring 2015 that bodes well for the future for fashion.

Katya Leonovich (6) Katya Leonovich (9)

Notable pieces from the Spring 2015 Collection include a Laser cut black leather dress with 3d printing, a gunmetal metallic baby-doll dress with 3d printing, Grey sponge dress, gown and top that will steal the show at any place they go.  Keep your eyes out for her swimsuits as well.

Katya Leonovich (15) Katya Leonovich (27)

Katya Leonovich is riding a style rocket and taking us with her.

Words by Jeff Owens and Deborah Argerake; Photos by Jeff Owens