extra fancy oysters with uniCointreau is the original, premium triple-sec. The spirit was invented by Edouard Cointreau in AngersFrance by combining crystal clear purity with the perfect harmony of sweet and bitter orange peels.

To this day the recipe remains unchanged since its invention, using only natural ingredients and traditional distillation methods. The company offers very limited edition flavors, and held an intimate dinner at Brooklyn’s Extra Fancy to celebrate.

Extra Fancy has been the go to spot for trendy Brooklynites in Williamsburg who are interested in quality, fresh, upscale, and very fancy seafood at a modest expense. Chef Sean Telo has a fantastic menu planned for fall which will be released this Wednesday, October 1st!

The menu includes: The Island Creek Oyster (with uni and fresh sturgeon caviar), Live Scallop (with pickled rhubarb, radish, chervil, and citrus), Yellowrin Tuna Carpaccio (with lemon grass, cotton candy grapes,uni, flowering dill, and fennel), Carolina Quail & Oyster Mushrooms (stuffed with corn bread, truffles, and sweetbreads), Maine Lobster Rolls, and more.

Extra Fancy is one of the only restaurants to offer diners Cointreau‘s very exclusive spirits with truly unique one of a kind Rickey cocktails. Cointreau‘s Guignolet (a fantastic cherry liquor) and Chamomile are exclusive to select establishments.

Here is Extra Fancy‘s amazing cocktail menu:


Extra Fancy has found a way to perfectly incorporate Cointreau and create a truly unique dining experience. Cointreau’s exclusive flavors are available at fine spirit stores nationally. Extra Fancy is open from 6pm-4am for dinner. Happy dining!



Extra Fancy
302 Metropolitan Ave
Brooklyn, New York

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