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It’s never too late to start your New Year’s resolutions to hit the gym more, right? If you’ve been slacking off this year, the new boutique fitness studio in Flatiron, The Movement, will motivate and energize you to get back in shape with their intense and incredibly fun fitness classes.

Since their opening earlier this year in May of 2014, the studio has given New Yorkers a new wave of unique, hybrid workouts that are fun and actually make you want to go to the gym. Elements of yoga and dance are incorporated with high-intensity interval training, making your workout experience the total package.

The Movement photos by Yvonne Lee (6) The Movement photos by Yvonne Lee (11)

“We want to start a true movement, encouraging people to give back to others while enabling themselves to move forward,” said co-founder Jordan Canino. “People should be motivated to get into class, have a great time and know that they’ll leave The Movement healthier, happier and having made an impact.”

The Movement (4)

Classes at The Movement include:

  • CrossFlowX – A blending of strength, core, inversion and arm-balance-focused flows, high intensity cardio intervals, traditional yoga kriyas, and a little bit Xtra, this class is one big sweaty yoga party! Pumped with great music and uber-positive vibes, you will leave feeling elated, totally clear-headed, full of optimism, and exhausted yet energized.
  • MOVE – Dance-based cardio & body sculpting fuse together for a heart-pumping, fat blasting dance party!
  • Shrink Session – Alchemic mix of cardio-dance, positive mantras, and more. Tone your body while lifting your mind and spirit!
  • YogaCHARGED – A mashup of resistance yoga and functional performance that will leave you craving more.
  • POWERED – Empower yourself with all things functional movement. Find your inner power and push your limits while sculpting your body.

To kick off the start of the Fall season, The Movement is introducing a new class to their roster: ReXist360 HIIT. We got to be fitness guinea pigs during a sneak peek preview of this 45 minute high-energy, high-intensity resistance training class using the patented ReXist360 training bands.

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A combo of cardio and strength training, you will experience total body conditioning with an intense focus on glutes, thighs, and core. The class is lead by Shay Kostabi, ReXist360’s Premier Master Trainer, a highly recognized and admired fitness guru in both NYC and LA. Kostabi is highly energetic and keeps you motivated throughout the entire 45 minutes. Bring your A-game to impress her!

Not only is The Movement dedicated to fitness, they take on the motto “Give Back, Move Forward.” Classes at The Movement start at $32 (pricing per class decreases with packages offered), and they donate $1 per person per class to The National Brain Tumor Society.

The Movement photos by Yvonne Lee (1)

“We’re so happy to be able to donate to cancer research with every person that walks through our doors because it’s just as important to help others as it is to help ourselves,” said co-founder Dana Canino. “We’re donating in honor of Jordan’s mother who passed away from brain cancer, Andrea Canino.”

For post-class refreshments, the studio has fresh juices from Liquiteria, healthy snacks from Hu Kitchen, as well as a variety of beverages, apparel and other merchandise for sale. During the preview, we stayed try Chicken Satay Skewers by Gardein, sangria courtesy of Owls Brew, and Hint Water to keep us hydrated.

The Movement photos by Yvonne Lee (12) The Movement photos by Yvonne Lee (13)

To check out their classes and sign up, visit:


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The Movement
32 West 18th Street
between 5th & 6th Avenue
New York, NY 10011

Photos by Shay Kostabi/The Movement and by Socially Superaltive