Nightmare NYC (1)

After Giuliani took his big mop through the big bad city in the early 90’s, ‘cleaning up‘ Times Square, Alphabet City, and the NY Subway System, the streets did indeed become a lot safer, but, in the process, lost much of their character.

Not that I’m advocating for the good ol’ days, where riding the 6 train to the Bronx might leave you with less than you started with, but hey, it was always a colorful adventure!

Nightmare NYC (5)

Well, if you wanna relive some of Old School NYC’s grittiness, come check out NIGHTMARE: NEW YORK. My girlfriend and I had a frightfully good time wandering through the elaborate maze created by Timothy Haskell and Steve Kopelman for their 11th annual Haunted House.

Nightmare NYC (3)

Appropriately located in the Lower East Side, the house features several different rooms all with different themes centering on truly gory stuff that really happened in NYC’s sordid history.

In particular, the roach room left my skin crawling, but the subway car was pretty disturbing, mostly because I remember riding with creeps like the guy you’ll meet…

Nightmare NYC (2)

I recommend having a drink while you wait on line inside. They have a decent assortment of beer and wine for sale, and there’s a bar you can hang out at afterwards while you wipe up all the blood. Oh, and Definitely ask for the ‘Extra Crispy’ experience — don’t be a puss!!

– Michael R.

September 26th through November 1st
107 Suffolk St
New York, NY 10002