BLACKOUT Haunted House (1)

Wanna do something uniquely different this Halloween season? Tired of the same generic haunted houses that, although maybe scary, don’t really ‘involve‘ you as a participant? Well, look no further than this year’s BLACKOUT NYC!

BLACKOUT Haunted House (3)

From the get-go, you are thrust headfirst into the experience with your team of six with no knowledge of what you’re getting in to. Trust me, I tried to find out a bit about the place beforehand, but they keep what goes on inside tightly-knit.

If you don’t have a group of 6 together, they will make one with the other hapless victims waiting in line next to you, as the experience only works for groups of 6, so you should keep this in mind while milling about waiting on line. Talk to those standing next to you and make friends with them, as you’ll need to work together to survive the Blackout.

BLACKOUT Haunted House (2)

I won’t tell you anything specific about what goes on inside, under fear of retaliation, but I will say I’ve never been to an experience like it before, although sometimes riding the A train at night comes close!  ; )

BLACKOUT Haunted House (1) BLACKOUT Haunted House (2)

The entire experience lasts just under 30 minutes. You can check your bags and/or coats when you check-in and they’ll bring them to you at the end. I Highly Recommend you leave your hats and anything else you’re carrying with you at check-in, as you’ll be, well, I guess I can’t say. Good luck…

– Michael R.

225 East Houston Street (at Essex St.)
NYC, NY  10002

Through November 8th