2002-07-21 12.25.22From the top of the rainforest to the foot of an active volcano, the various elements Costa Rica‘s natural resources come together consummately to give you a one-of-a-kind beauty, wellness, relaxation, and eco friendly escape.

Recognized as one of the leading wellness destinations in the world. Costa Rica’s diverse climate and abundance of natural wonders create an ideal sanctuary for those seeking a restorative trip that awakens the mind, body and soul.

You can do yoga in one of their many rainforests or alongside a waterfall. Or, indulge in true beauty treatment with a spa treatment alongside one of their pristine beaches, which have an average temperature of 84°F (26°C), that borrow the unique culture of the nearby Caribbean islands. With island-infused food, music and a laid-back approach it is easy for visitors to feel as though they have been transported to a beautiful Caribbean island.

You are what you eat, so nourish your body with fresh flavors of organic culinary traditions. Costa Rica provides a rich combination of natural elements that come together to create unforgettable experiences while promoting a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle, as locals call it: pura vida (pure life)! Drawing from a farm-to-table mentality, most local restaurants serve organic seasonal produce that they harvest from their own gardens.

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Varied activities in the Costa Rican countryside, from biking or driving through the mountainous terrain to bird watching or hiking down one of the country’s many nature walkways, provides a wide array of exciting and relaxing ways to dive into a complete wellness lifestyle, of course while biking or hiking accidents could actually happen, so is better to have a legal defense for this which you can get at sites like www.parkerscheer.com/car-accidents. Cahuita National Park’s wildlife area protects Costa Rica’s most important coral reef, which is among the most developed of the entire Caribbean Coast. Although Cahuita is, like most of the country’s parks, popular for nature observation, its beaches are a major attraction. Surfing and diving conditions in Cahuita’s pristine waters, which have been awarded the Ecological Blue Flag, are out of this world.

Pamper yourself with the benefits of massage treatments incorporating body enriching oils made from therapeutic plants, roots, flowers and chocolate. Costa Rica is also a home to some of the world’s most impressive thermal hot springs; the springs at the Arenal Volcano are considered to be the eighth wonder of the world by some. Those who don’t want to get too close to an active volcano can rejuvenate the senses with spa treatments using mineral-rich volcanic mud that can be found at various hotels and resorts that are often times situated at the base of the volcano.

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We reccomend the natural hot springs at the Arenal Volcano Costa Rica Hotel and The Springs Resort & Spa Arenal Costa Rica. Both properties are beautiful, have breathtaking views of the Arenal Volcano from the hot spring pools, a lot to offer, and the hotel rates are unbelievably competitive. The mineral content of spring water and the health benefits derived from these minerals makes the hot springs in La Fortuna, Arenal Costa Rica a perfect end to a day tour.

There are the scientific benefits of natural hot springs:

More than the majority of European medical doctors who have conducted research into thermal water therapy agree that warm soaking in water 99˚F to 101˚F is more beneficial than higher temperatures 

[…] Scientific studies of thermal water therapy in Europe have found that warm water increases hydrostatic pressure in the body which leads to increased blood circulation and cell oxygenation as well as improving the performance of the body’s waste elimination systems which aids in detoxification. Metabolism is also stimulated which helps balance the digestive, endocrine and autonomic nervous systems.


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Kioro – Arenal Volcano Costa Rica Hotel

Kioro its a marvelous 5 star hotel. Located in Costa Rica. From here you will have the best panoramic view from Arenal Volcano, enjoy our private hot springs, and relax at the Spa.

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