Kate accepting her award from the sponsors - Photo by Rebecca PerryDemiurge

[dem•ee•urj]: one that is an autonomous creative force or decisive power.

The word Demiurge originates from the latinized Greek word “demiourgos” meaning craftsman or artisan. Gradually the word evolved to indicate a creator. The Demiurge Award pays special attention to the skillfully adapted; who create, produce and bring business to NYC through innovation. And, recently at NYC’s chic lounge Lair industry insiders came together to honor Kate Stoltz of TLC’s hit reality show Breaking Amish.

Kate Stoltz relocated from a small Amish town in Pennsylvania to the Big City, and has become a breakout reality television star. In a recent interview with US Weekly titles “Kate Stoltz: 25 Things You Don’t Know About Me” Kate reveals the following:

My friends and I used to wear jeans under our Amish clothes when we were at home so our parents wouldn’t see them. But as soon as we were down the road a little, we would take our dresses off and walk around in regular street clothes.

I have over 300 cousins and step cousins all over the US. With no electricity, the Amish keep themselves busy in a lot of ways.

My celebrity crush is Zac Efron. You don’t see abs like that out in the country.

Victoria Beckham is my idol and fashion icon. I even named my puppy after her.

I love designing and sewing; I made my first dress at 9 years old. I make a lot of my own dresses and scarves, mostly everything you see me wearing I’ve handmade myself in my apartment.

The Demiurge Award - Glenn's Photo Images

Today Kate is more than another reality TV star, she has a thriving career as a model signed to the model management powerhouse Major Models. And, most recently she has used her love for designing and sewing to pursue fashion designing. She is a true businesswoman.

It was a night of celebration. With Industry insiders and special guests like: Tracy Balan (Lifetime Girlfriends Intervention), Henry Picado (Designer), and Mercedes Edison (Model). The event was filmed and will be broadcasted on Time Warner Cable, Cable Vision, amongst others.

The event was presented by the Skinny NYC, an online Entertainment show and not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organized institution providing training programs to disadvantaged youth in NYC pursuing careers in media, film, and television. The Skinny’s mission is to acknowledge and honor the innovative work and talent. The Skinny specifically honors those who strive to push creative boundaries in NYC on a monthly basis.

As a bearer of avant-garde creativity in media, The Skinny NYC will award fellow creators whose business exemplifies inventive thinking in media, visual & performing arts, fashion, business and humanitarian, and philanthropic efforts. The online platform initially began in 2008 as a 5-minute interview segment via the entertainment show, Official Heat broadcasted on ABC 7.

Models wearing Kate's designs - Photo by Rebecca Perry

As an all-encompassing media source the Skinny NYC is providing New Yorkers with local news, world updates, all things related to entertainment, fashion, music, lifestyle, tech and health & beauty platforms. The media source is quickly becoming the go to destination for everything New York City. The Skinny NYC is broadcast via cable television in all 5 boros, as well as, worldwide via the web and its social networks. In addition to original video content, the aim of The Skinny NYC is to become a dedicated media site and provide news across all platforms; fast, organic and undressed.

As a bearer of avant-garde creativity in media, The Skinny NYC will award fellow creators whose business exemplifies inventive thinking in Media, Visual & Performing Arts, Fashion, Business and Humanitarian & Philanthropic efforts. Joining forces with the Skinny NYC is producer Tia Rudd for TDR Television, blogging sensation Gina Doost for WhatTheDoost.com and tech start-up company Cooperatize.

The success of the Demiurge Awards and collaboration with Kate Stoltz shows the magazines influence, and success. Be sure to keep up with the Skinny NYC, Demiurge Awards, and Kate via social media at @TheSkinnyNYC @DemiurgeAwards @Kate_Stoltz. And be sure to check out their website at www.theskinnyc.com.

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