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Credit_Karma_Mobile_iPhone_AccountsThe following post is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Credit Karma™ that teaches us the convenience and importance of personal credit monitoring. I recently found myself in a nightmare.

I was on my way home one night, and speaking to friend on the phone while on the bus. after departing the bus I realized I did not have my purse. At the time I had essential documents on me including my identification and social security card. My attempt to reclaim my bag produced no results-it was never found. And months later I found myself being a victim of identity theft. Now monitoring and maintaining my credit is more important to me than ever. However, you do not need to be a victim of identity theft to understand the importance of maintaining your credit.

Credit Karma™ is unique company, mission-oriented, and pro-consumer. They want to put you back in control of your credit data, and have many ways of doing so. And, the best part is they allow you to obtain credit scores, credit monitoring, and credit reports absolutely FREE! If you feel that there is something on your credit score that was not from you then you can make a validation letter which is a request for validation and proof from those who claim that you owe them money. If you need help with the letter you can use this example of a debt validation letter.

As you know your credit score is the most defining metric of your overall financial health, it is your identity, and plays a part in many aspects of your life. It’s going to determine whether you’re approved for a home, apartment, car, credit card — and will even be used to evaluate whether or a not a company should hire you. So yes it is a big deal! So naturally, n excellent credit score means you will get the best interest rates and best benefits (literally saving you money), and a poor credit score can be damaging.


Let’s explore the ways in which Credit Karma™ offers many tools and resources for you to fully understand your credit data and what impacts it. Let’s see how they want you to take control of your credit and finances, and help you to do so. One beneficial tool Credit Karma’s™ offers is its truly free credit monitoring. By using this your credit report is monitored by Credit Karma™ on a daily basis, and you are notified of any significant changes on your report. Many people also use redit monitoring as an added layer to prevent identity theft. That is something that could have come in handy for me in my circumstance.

Additionally, a cornerstone of Credit Karma’s™ mission is assisting consumers with shopping for financial products. This is something other companies may not offer. The company has worked with more than one hundred lenders (credit card issuers, loan providers) so that they can feature products and offers tailored to each member’s unique credit profile. For instance, Credit Karma™ is able to match credit and personal finance profiles with financial products that make sense to you, removing a big pain point when it comes to shopping for credit and letting choose in between more rates when you sign in to your Atlantic Union Bank account .

Just like me, I’m sure that you are often confused by the sheer number of credit scores available, and what they all mean. In fact there are more than 50 FICO branded scores from each of the major credit bureaus. The score offered by Credit Karma™ is not an educational score — it’s a real score. And the TransUnion credit report is one of the three credit reports used to evaluate consumers when it comes to lending decisions.

Credit_Karma_Mobile_iPhone_Notifications_IndividualTake control of your credit today! Credit Karma™ offers abundant tools and resources so that you can fully understand your credit data and what impacts it — they want you to take control of your credit and finances, and they help you to do so. Visit their website today.



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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of the Credit Karma™