2011-11-21 20.52.46-2Wellness+ Eco Tourism

Visitors are not only motivated by the pursuit of wellness, but also by the opportunity to connect with the earth. With a variety of activities available upon arrival, you can tailor a wedding or honeymoon that they will never forget! In addition to the 20 natural parks, eight biological reserves, horseback riding, mountainous hiking paths in cloud forests, guided bird-watching tours, magnificent volcanoes, Pacific and Caribbean beaches, rain forests and jungle landscapes-there is strong push towards sustainability. Sustainability is not a practice in Costa Rica: it is a way of life!

Recognized by United Nations’ World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), the CST program not only evaluates but also assists business owners in making strategic decisions that will result in the long-term preservation of Costa Rica’s environment. Costa Rica’s goal is to be the first carbon neutral country in the world by 2021.

So what does this mean about the country’s food? From local Costa Rican cuisine those looking to taste goodness from the earth will find their mouths water with the natural, healthy, delicious, regional Costa Rican cuisine!