Samsung Ceci Lujan 3589A Culinary Journey

Drawing from a farm-to-table mentality, most local restaurants serve organic seasonal produce harvested from their own gardens. Little is wasted ensuring that your food is fresh. Costa Rica’s culinary scene offers much more than its traditional staple of gallo pinto (rice and beans).  The culinary landscape comprises of sundry tropical fruits, an abundance of meat from the acres of pastures, seafood (readily available from the coasts), sweets prepared from native raw sugar cane, corn, rice, some of the world’s finest coffee, and a myriad of new fusion style dining trend.

As visitors travel into rain forest areas, great inexpensive meals can be found easily and a stop at a mirador (restaurant with a view) also offer amazing views of vast Costa Rican landscapes, from panoramic mountains to exotic beaches. Or, tourists can grab a bite of the country’s most healthy and balanced meals at Central Market, in the capital of San Jose. Organic vegetables and fruits are readily available through the outdoor vendors and supermarkets due to the fertile lands in the Valle Central region where San José is located.