On a rare warm night in November, if you were to walk past 305 Fitness’s new flagship studio in the West Village, you would assume you were outside a club in Chelsea.

Dancers with tight bodies adorned the windows, bouncing to the thumping music escaping the doors. Lights were turned low and the neon “Girls, Girls, Girls” sign cast a glow on the half-naked men and women in hot pink wigs passing out healthy bites.

305 Fitness Flagship Studio Opening (1) .

Downstairs, Chloe’s Soft Serve Fruit  showcased their healthy sundae alternatives in flavors like chocolate and banana and Voli Vodka prepared low calorie cocktails, which was very fitting since “Mr. 305” himself, Pitbull, endorses it.

305 Fitness Flagship Studio Opening (5) 305 Fitness Flagship Studio Opening (4)

Much like the live classes, once the studio doors opened, the Jane Doze spun live tunes and the crowd almost immediately went into a dancing frenzy. This was kicked off by the 305 Fitness instructors who broke out into an organized routine for the crowd. Founder, Sadie Kurzban, was even in the midst of the dance party, breaking it down with the attendees. The party incorporated mini break out abs and legs sessions and a hoola hoop extraordinaire to boot.

. 305 Fitness Flagship Studio Opening (8)

We’re so excited to welcome the new studio to the neighborhood and can’t wait to take a full class for ourselves. The studio also offers private party options as an alternative to the same old boring birthday or bachelorette ideas, so best believe we’ll be looking into that as well!


– Stephanie Carino

305 Fitness
18 West 8th Street
New York, NY