christie brinkly hair extensionsTrying to Save Time on Hairstyles?

Women often complain about hair. These complaints may be that their hair does not grow quickly enough, their hair grows too quickly, or that their hair takes far too long to style. On average, American women are said to spend almost 50 minutes each day on personal grooming. If you looked at this over the span of a year, this comes out to a whopping 270 hours a year spent in front of a mirror! Much of this time is spent on hairstyles – from washing to blow drying to curling – can take a lot of time.

Many, in an effort to find ways to save time on their grooming routines, look for keratin treatments Manhattan for their new and innovative techniques. These range from showering less often to trying out Christie Brinkley Collection items such as clip-in bangs. In taking a closer look at these techniques, one may find that some actually help to save valuable time, while some may end up adding precious minutes to a beauty routine.

Showering Less Often

Some women, upon discovering that they are taking far too long to get ready each day, decide that perhaps showering less often will help. In theory, this will save a lot of time. In reality, women who change their showering routine generally find that their grooming time either stays the same or increases. One may wonder why this happens if time is cut by not showering and not having to dry one’s hair. Most women find that extra time is then spent in finding ways to hide the fact that they have not showered. From body spritzes, to dry shampoo brushed through the hair, the trade-off in time is very similar. Any extra time that may be gained by foregoing a shower seems to be used on extra styling time to make the hair appear as if one did shower.

Wearing a Very Short Hairstyle

Some women who are tired of spending so much time on their hair decide to go with a very short hairstyle. Again, one would think that with less hair, less time would be spent on grooming. Many women with short hair, however, report that it takes much longer to style than long hair once did. Short hair has a tendency to flatten during the night and need extra product and volume for the right look in the morning. What time may have once been spent on blow drying long hair is now spent on trying to encourage volume, lift and shape into shorter hair.

Collection of Hairpieces

One time-saving method that seems to have been effective for many women is to invest in a few high-quality hairpieces. Today’s hairpieces are a great way for many women to cut time off their personal grooming routine and still end up feeling as if the look great. Christie Brinkley extensions are in this category, and can be easily set into one’s own hair to add volume and length. Because these products have not been slept on, the extension does not need extra combing or attention before it is added to the natural hair. By boosting volume and length this way, many find that there is little or no need for ratting, spraying or adding extra mousse.

Natural vs Sinthethic

This is where the old adage, “You get what you pay for,” really comes into play. “Generally speaking, human hair will always be more expensive,” says Faith Huffnagle, Prose Director of Education and veteran stylist, “But the benefits of human hair is that it can be conditioned, colored and heat-styled, whereas synthetic strands will melt with heat and chemicals.”

Remy human hair is the highest quality, which understandably comes at the highest price point. Its hair cuticle has been preserved, and all the hairs run in the same direction giving it a naturally soft, silky texture. Then there are synthetic extensions which are the most cost-effective, but they can tangle easily, aren’t great for heat styling and are a lot lighter than natural hair, causing the strands to move in an unnatural way. That said, the positive spin on synthetic strands are that they’re a low commitment way to try out extensions without dropping a bundle, when looking for completely natural hair, consider these kinky curly half wigs that blend exceptionally well.

Nothing screams fake hair quite like badly coordinated extensions. Even being off by a shade can throw off your look. A trained stylist will ensure they blend seamlessly, but for clip-ins, you’ll want to match the most prominent color in your hair, typically the shade of the hair’s ends, not the roots.

You’ll also want to pay attention to the weight of your extensions. If they’re too heavy, the roots of your natural hair will be stressed, which you definitely want to avoid. You should match the density of the extension to the density of your hair. If your hair is thin, fragile or damaged, you’d want to steer clear of a thick, heavy extension. And always avoid placing extensions where hair is the most delicate—around your hairline or at the nape of your neck.

If you have been looking for ways to save time on your hair each day, be sure to take a look at high-quality hair extension products.

Hair Repair

For all the abuse your hair goes through, from the harsh sun rays, gusts of wind, dust, to hair styling treatments and chlorine from the pool, your locks need a little bit of TLC every once in a while to repair themselves. Like a night cream for your hair, Alterna Haircare Caviar Overnight Hair Rescue repairs and replenishes damaged hair while you sleep, adding smoothness and shine while preventing future breakage.

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