Susan Fales Hill, Rebecca van Bergen, Kara Gerson, Kristy Caylor

The Voss Foundation choose the Dream Downtown as a repeat event location for their 5th Annual Women Helping Women Luncheon in New York.

The first half hour of the event showcased an African Bazaar with handcrafted artisanal items made in the countries being aided by the Voss Foundation. From these orders, combined with table and ticket purchases and project donations, the event is said to have raised $96,000 for the cause.

Voss Foundation Helping Women Luncheon in New York (12) Voss Foundation Helping Women Luncheon in New York (11)

Attendees were treated to a menu of Roasted Beet Salad, Amish Farm Chicken, Orecchiette, and a selection of Petit Fours, all served family style amidst the earthy decor.

Voss Foundation Helping Women Luncheon in New York (15) Voss Foundation Helping Women Luncheon in New York (14)

 Writer, producer, and author, Susan Fales-Hill hosted the event and gave a very warm welcome to attendees. She joked, “I can’t be a doctor without borders, but I can be a shopper without borders!”

Voss Foundation Helping Women Luncheon in New York (3) Noelle Coursaris Musunka

A video produced by Red Stiletto Media team Anton Brookes and Scott Fetterman was screened, featuring footage from the countries the Voss Foundation is currently assisting and an interview with Kara Gerson, the Executive Director of the Voss Foundation.

Noella Coursaris Musunka, a previous honoree of the Voss Foundation, took time to speak about what the foundation has been up to most recently. Kristy Caylor, Co-Founder, President and Creative Director of Maiyet and Rebecca van Bergen, Founder and Executive Director of Nest were those individuals that were honored this year due to their charitable efforts.

Susan Fales Hill, Jane Sutherland, Kedma Brown Bonnie Young, Latham Thomas

The Voss Foundation is currently servicing 7 countries, facilitating 85 clean water access points and 299 sanitation facilities, and that number is only growing with the help from those that donate to this worthy cause.

To buy items from the African bazaar yourself, visit

– Stephanie Carino

Photos via Billy Farrell Agency and by Socially Superlative