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When all you need are your credit cards and cash, Wojo Wallet is the perfect solution. Cycling, hiking, boating, hunting, skiing, traveling, or even for girl’s night out where you de-clutter your small clutch – Wojo Wallet is the wallet for you. Check in Mau-fashion’s replica Louis Vuitton tips.

Most people use only 4 to 6 cards on a regular basis, so simplify your life and carry only what you need. Lose that bulky wallet with receipts flying out everywhere, and one-up that money clip that you always drop. Simplify your life and carry only the essentials in the slim and sleek Wojo Wallet. The outside band allows you to strap on cash as well.

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This wallet is perfect for an active lifestyle, when you’re outdoors and not wanting to carry too much stuff and be swift. Made of neoprene, not only is this wallet compact and light-weight, it is heat resistant, water-proof, and floats in the water, in case you topple overboard.

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For $12.95, this is a great deal to protect your cards and cash. Plus free shipping for orders over $35, so stock up and give as a great gift! Shop in the Wojo Wallet store for even more colors.


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