betches hat

You’ve heard of those custom news networks and websites that round up all the world’s peachiest news stories and compile them for your viewing pleasure, right?

Well, Betches Love This is NOT one of those!

Think of Betches as those sarcastic mean girls that you love to eavesdrop on at the nail salon, or gossip with at the water cooler.  They are the girls who say all the snarky things that most of us only think inside our heads.  We love to hate those girls.  Hot off the heels of their recently book, Nice is Just a Place in France, they now they have their own website where they report on all of the latest current events.  If you haven’t downloaded their new app, you are missing out on all the sarcasm.

Betch is the new black

The lovely ladies of Betches recently threw a party at Half & Half (inside Hudson Hotel) to celebrate the rollout of their new app, and we were obviously there to help them throw down.  You couldn’t swing a Chanel handbag without hitting a betch sipping her vodka soda and eyeing the giant display of custom mini-cupcakes with a gleam in her eye.  With most betches, there is usually a posse of custom-suited Wall Street boys ordering bottles nearby. By the time the fourth bottle paraded by with sparklers, the night took off.  DJ Jeronimo got everyone (young and old) out on the dance floor and the crowd let loose.

The Betches sent their party guests home with sassy hats that we won’t mind wearing around town one bit… because we are definitely BAD BETCHES.

Did we mention they have a new app? #DownloadItBetch

– Leslie

Photos via Instagram