Blake Emory at Spectrum Miami [fusion_builder_container hundred_percent=Zebra Love is the latest anthology by the New York artist, whose collective series of theoretical works represent the artist’s inspired discovery of what he refers to as “nature’s grand design” that encapsulates an artistic expression of retro fashion with love, passion and “divine geometry” from the animal kingdom.

Thousands of avid art enthusiasts attending Spectrum throughout the week experienced a total of 15 hand-picked pieces from the collection that were displayed over the four days, including  “Josephine” – Emory’s most beloved and original work of art, and “Flove” – Emory’s most controversial from the series.

For the last four years, Emory has established his own ‘Emory Gallery’ currently open in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, at which his Zebra Love collection is exhibited, along with his other original works of art.

Emory helps spearhead The Brooklyn Artist Guild – a donation based education program that identifies talented and emerging artists who join the group in an effort to highlight the Neo Renaissance movement through their multi-media work in the theatrical and visual arts.

For further information on Zebra Love by Blake Emory, visit
For further information on Blake Emory, visit
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