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Corrado Bread and Pastry hosted a party last month to introduce their space and menu to media. The event began with a sampling of the pastries that the bakery offers, like muffins, croissants, scones and danishes.

Guests were also welcome to try any of the beverages the bakery offers. I would’ve been more impressed if the Zipz Wine in the refrigerator didn’t steal its’ thunder… I’m assuming this is not usually offered, but was a welcome addition for the party!

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The Corrado Bakery partners, John Tenaglia, George Patsos, Aaron Matalon, and Joseph Tenaglia, were all on hand to make sure guests were having a great time and that attendees knew about the quality of the breads and meats that Corrado is serving.

Corrado Bread and Pastry

To make sure that the new addition to the block is not viewed as strictly a bakery, the team served up sandwiches from their lunch menu. Samples of their Parma Prosciutto, Roast Beef, Egg Sandwich, Smoked Salmon and more sandwiches were on display for everyone to see and taste the quality of the ingredients for themselves. I wish this option was uptown when I worked up here!

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Overall, Corrado Bread and Pastry is offering up their bakery as a coffee option for the morning crowd, with their location across the street from the 63rd Street F subway station, and as a lunch option for those that are in the area, even for delivery! I also heard rumors of the space being outfitted with Wi-Fi to be a true alternative to the usual coffeehouse. We’ll see how the space evolves. Until then, definitely try out the pastries and sandwiches for yourself!

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– Stephanie Carino

Corrado Bread and Pastry
833 Lexington Avenue
New York, NY

Photos courtesy of Guest of a Guest and Stephanie Carino