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I first stumbled upon GLAMSQUAD, when I heard Alexandra Wilkis Wilson speak about her move from Co-Founder of Gilt to CEO of GLAMSQUAD at Advertising Week.

I had been looking for a reason to use their at home beauty services and thought of a perfect one, for a friend’s birthday celebration in the city.  We organized the appointments of some of the attending girls to all happen at my friend’s apartment and started planning for a fun precursor to the night.

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My friend Sharon offered up her apartment (we named it Le Salon de Sharon!) and set up a healthy spread for us to nosh on in between our hair sessions. The only thing we needed to do to prepare for our appointments was wash our hair 15 minutes before the stylists arrived and have chairs set up near an outlet.

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We had four appointments set up, so GLAMSQUAD sent over two hair stylists, Meagan and Marcus. They were both on time and super friendly. Their most recent experience was at Drybar, so we knew they had come to us with experience. They did our hair two at a time and asked what we wanted our hair to look like for the night. In case we were lacking inspiration, the GLAMSQUAD website also has styling ideas. Then they divvied us up and got to work.

The GLAMSQUAD team brought all their own styling tools and products. All payment information including tip is taken care of online or on the app to further save time. We left that night looking like a million bucks, and it took a lot less time than if we had each done our own hair.

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This was the perfect idea for a girly pregame and so much more convenient than going to a salon, where you run the risk of other clients’ appointments running over and in turn making you late. You could also get ready in your pajamas if you really wanted to! We only had our hair done, but the team also specializes in makeup applications. This service can be used for a party opportunity, like a bachelorette or wedding party, great for a special occasion, or just because it’s so much easier to have someone else do your hair. This convenient arrangement is the closest thing I have found to feeling like a celebrity with a styling team helping you get ready before you even leave the house and the prices are on par with going into the salon.

For more information on GLAMSQUAD, which currently services Manhattan and Brooklyn, visit Be careful, you’re bound to get hooked!

– Stephanie Carino