There’s just something about the pop of a champagne bottle that fills the air with the tingle of excitement and celebration. It’s no wonder that flutes full of sparkling, golden bubbles, toasting exuberantly, is the quintessential symbol of New Year’s Eve.

And, whether you’re celebrating the passing of a most excellent year, or looking ahead to an even better one, there is one thing that is certain: you don’t want to make such an important toast with something hum drum (or risk spending the first day of 2015 nursing the headache that comes with sub-par sparkling wine).

Thus, I am so glad that I discovered incredible COLLET champagne in time for both merry making at the end of 2014 and to begin the new year right: with the finest champagne I have tasted in a very long time.

Truly every variety of COLLET is fabulous, but for extra special occasions I love Espirit Couture. Inspired by the fashion and art of Paris in the 1920’s, its artistic bottle and box  just sing celebration — and the oohs and ahhs of all who try it for the first time is the little gift to yourself that keeps on giving.

At my own personal holiday party, I must say that COLLET stole the show. Avid champagne aficionados and newbies alike were thrilled to be toasting, again and again, with the delightful stuff.

The pale golden, and superbly dry wine is full of tiny bubbles that are wonderfully delicate on the palate, allowing you to taste the rich depth and floral notes completely. Only recently available in the United States, and still very limited, there is no better way to impress your guests (or impress a host with your gift) than with a bottle of Espirit Couture… especially since the irresistible bottle tends to be opened immediately, meaning you, too, will get to enjoy the exceptional champagne.

Here’s to an equally exceptional 2015!

– Ava

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