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My husband and I went to the Greek restaurant Limani before the holidays in December. I had just finished my first 10K in 17 years and we wanted to celebrate my accomplishment. Christmas time is always a crazy time, so a chance to celebrate is the best treat during the holiday season.

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I was looking for a new place to eat, something fresh yet romantic and where the food would not disappoint but make me very happy. I do use food to boost my mood and, oh boy, did Limani deliver on that account.

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Limani served the best octopus I have ever tasted. I have never really been a fan of octopus or anything in that family but once I visited Barcelona and I came across Galician Pulpa and that dish changed my mind so whenever it is on the menu I have to try it to see if I like it. Limani’s octopus appetizer was even better than the pulpa I had in Barcelona. It is the most tender I have ever tried, and I am definitely returning just to have that dish.

My husband came hungry, as he had skipped on lunch, so we ordered two prix fixe menus with an extra side of ceviche and a swordfish steak. The food was delicious, one of my best food experiences this year, and the seafood was extremely fresh. Make sure you like oil, as the chef does not skimp on this.

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Our appetizers were octopus, crab cake, ceviche, green salad, and the Greek salad. The main courses we shared were lobster, filet Mignon and swordfish steak.

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Lastly, the desserts we tried were their baklava and karidopita. The dessert had great flavor and was innovative without being too experimental, but the portion sizes were small and you really want to focus on the seafood they have on the menu. All of it was good, but from what we tried you want to visit Limani because of their extraordinary octopus dish and their fish dishes. They were excellent!

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If you are all about the décor, you will enter a space that exudes luxury, high-end and quality. When you walk in, you are not in doubt that you will be taken care of for the evening and you will be waited on hand and foot. The prices also shows the quality of the food. If you want to try it out but the $70 main course seems a bit steep, I suggest you try their 4 course prix fixe menu for only $46.50. They have a great selection even for their prix fixe menu and the octopus comes as an option.

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Treat yourself and have an evening in luxury –  you deserve it!

– Line

45 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10111

Photos by Benjamin Johnson/Shawmut Design and Construction and by Socially Superlative