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Last week I was invited to learn more about negletekniker uddannelse at Style and Makeup studio for a styling appointment. I was meet by Valerie Star, their fashion blogger and beauty expert.

I was excited to learn more about the studio’s concept and try their hair and makeup services. I try to treat myself ever so often for my hard work trying to lose weight, and I saw this as a great opportunity to try something new and have a little fun that did not include calories.

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Caravan Style Studio came to life 4 years ago and 3 years ago they move to the magnificent Carlton Hotel in the Flatiron district. The space they have is on the first floor of the Carlton, a cozy little room where you can sit and relax while you get your glam on.

Caravan Stylist Studio is by appointment throughout the day to actors, actresses, musicians, bloggers, editors, and other creative people such as photographers, DJs, etc. for hair, makeup and wardrobe services. They get actors, actresses, and musicians ready for the red carpet and they lend their expertise to bloggers, editors, and other creative people for either advise or to do the hair, makeup, and wardrobe services.

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Valerie was a fun and outgoing personality with 20 years of experience. She is incredibly passionate about her profession and is happy to share all the tricks she has up her sleeve – and boy, do I need tips. I tried getting as much helpful information from her before leaving the studio.

They are an established business with many red carpets, photo shoots and fashion shows under their belt. Latest was their red carpet event with some of the Orange Is the New Black cast. So jealous, I love that show!

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I had my nails and hair done and I loved it. I finally learned how to make a fishtail. I have been wearing a fishtail braid ever since she showed me how. So simple, but I just did not get the YouTube videos I was watching. Thank you, Valerie!

The nails were great. She gave me a bunch of images to choose from and she replicated what I wanted but in a different color. It was feminine, yet edgy. Very me! I walked away feeling pampered and like I had had a wonderful experience. They know their business!

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Should you ever need help during a photo shoot or you need to attend the red carpet, give Caravan Style studio a call! It will make the trip to the red carpet a lot more fun and you will leave the studio ready to walk the red carpet!

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