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As meat loving carnivores, it was with great pleasure that my girlfriend and I attended a special press dinner at the newly opened K*RICO South American Steakhouse in Hell’s Kitchen.

The brainchild of veteran restaurateur and chef John Greco, partnered with his brother Tommy Greco, owner of the popular Ritz Bar and Lounge, K*Rico is a welcome addition to the neighborhood.

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We started with slow roasted pork belly crostinis, followed by roasted oysters which were the damn best mollusks I’ve ever tasted. Next came some delicious empanadas and arepas, chased by my personal favorite, the FuFu de Chorizos, flavorful Colombian sausages with just the right amount of spice surrounded by mashed plantains, definitely a must eat at this place.

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After a short breather and some heavenly Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon, we loosened our belts for the main course, which consisted of samples of an Entraña Argentinian skirt steak, prime Filet Mignon, and their signature On-The-Bone Sirloin. But that’s not all.

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Accompanied by sautéed yuca with garlic cilantro, brussels sprouts with bacon, and Chaufa de Quinoa with figs, it was a meal fit for a King. A King, or, rather, a Cowboy, as guess who was sitting a few tables away from us? The one and only Randy Jones, the Cowboy from the Village People!!

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John and Tommy we’re exceptional hosts, and the wait staff was pleasant and attentive. We’ll definitely be going back to their great new Steakhouse. Now, where is that Village People record I have…

– Michael Riegelman

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K*RICO South American Steakhouse
772 9th Avenue
between 51st & 52nd Streets
New York, NY 10019

More on K*RICO:

A hallmark of K*Rico is the wet and dry aged USDA Prime beef on site, cooked to perfection on a state-of-the-art “plancha” grill that first sears the meat at temperatures as high as 1,600 degrees, locking in the juices and flavor, before it is expertly grilled to order.

The diverse, tantalizing menu, embodies the region’s love of indigenous fruits and vegetables expertly blended with zesty herbs and tangy spices.  Tommy Greco visited numerous small batch distilleries and wineries as part of his exhaustive research to offer an elite selection of tequilas, mescals and piscos from South America. The eclectic bar also features a far reaching roster of domestic and imported wines and beers from the Americas.

In addition to an elegant dining room, featuring original paintings, burnished wood walls and a marble floor and bar area, K*Rico has an outdoor garden and dining terrace and will offer sidewalk seating in the spring and summer time.

“I’ve always wanted to do a bona fide steakhouse,” explains John Greco. “I thought one with a South American twist incorporating the region’s love of fresh meats and produce will be enjoyed by diners. I utilize this philosophy in all my Manhattan restaurants, notably at Philip Marie that is renowned for its ‘farm to table’ sensibility.”