Piper-H OscarsParty B ROLL-0031PIPER-HEIDSIECK is the exclusive champagne of the Academy Awards, and threw a grand and bold soirée in honor of Hollywood’s biggest night.

Founded in 1785 by Florens-Louis Heidsieck, Champagne PIPER-HEIDSIECK has been synonymous with quality, culture, boldness and style for over 250 years. The Queen of the silver screen Marilyn Monroe famously declared, “I wear Chanel No. 5 when going to bed, and wake up to a glass of PIPER-HEIDSIECK.”

The black-tie dinner at the Bowery Hotel drew over 100 well-heeled influencers from the media and hospitality realms who came to watch the Oscars Ceremony and raise glasses of bubbly, including PIPER-HEIDSIECK Brut, Rare Millésime 2002, and Rosé Sauvage, in celebration of their favorite nominees. The event was one of many presented around the country in celebration PIPER-HEIDSIECK’s partnership with Oscars.

Photographer: @DanielDaPhotog
Each perfectly crafted glass of champagne was paired with a complimenting amuse bouche and classic seafood dinner. Guests perfectly paired their accessories, and special moments were captured and shared via smartphones.​ My favorite, of course, is my Samsung Galaxy Note 4!

samsung dessert photoThe new Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has various settings, including the ability to pick a high shutter speed which will stop movement. These special speed settings result in crisp, clear, bold photos. With the Note 4, you can also balance the LED light with the existing light in the room to take the best picture possible for social media, under any circumstance (photo on left).

In addition to the lovely dinner and picture sharing, guests were able to predict their Oscar winners before they were announced. This resulted in being awarded your very own bottle of PIPER-HEIDSIECK to be taken home, and enjoyed at your special occasion.

Gentlemen and their beautifully dressed lady guests made classy, timeless, and well coordinated outfit choices that could have very well been seen on the infamous red carpet. Every moment was captured, every moment was fun, and every moment made it a sophisticated evening. Cheers to PIPER-HEIDSIECK!



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