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On Thursday February 26th, my husband and I were invited to partake in the Good Spirits: Edible Manhattan Edition. A great way to try the local restaurants and spirits and discover something delicious and new.

Edible Manhattan was celebrating the Sixth Annual Good Spirits event where local spirits were paired with local restaurants. A night of a lot of eating and drinking, and all for only $60. For the variety of food and spirits it is not a bad deal, so next time be sure to come out and join us!

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The food was so good for some of the booths that they were running out of food at 7.30pm. But the food was worth it, so make sure to arrive early so you can start when the doors open. The doors open at 6pm, so do not be late or you will just get really really drunk from all of the liquor, which were great!

I wanted to do a few call outs for the restaurants and the liquor companies that stood out to me because of their amazing product or dishes or their innovation. The restaurants definitely try and experiment with different cultural foods and try and modernize them. Liquor companies are reaching into a market that is old school, but always a winner.

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My favorite food of the evening was the pork belly with a fennel and pair salad on the side which was dressed with a tangerine dressing. A perfect combination! The fatty pork was elevated by the freshness from the salad and a perfect way of presenting pork for the up and coming spring season. This amazing dish was made by Neuman’s Kitchen an event and catering company so if you have an event or maybe even a wedding, I can recommend taking these guys into consideration.

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Another really good dish was the fresh fish served with a jalapeño and lemon dressing. It was like a ceviche with a twist and so so fresh that would just kept wanting more. Dell’anima was the restaurant who created this stunning dish. Hint… It also looked beautiful!

And not to forget the liquor…

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The Black Dirt Distillery was representing their bourbons. Both excellent choices for a newer version and something with a little twist and great if you want to support local businesses. Dutch Spirits presented their Sugar Wash Moonshine and how can you go wrong with moonshine especially when they flavored it with bitters.

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Another company was presenting a new coffee brand and I just have to give them a shout out because I have never tasted that great Iced Coffee. They are still brand new but when you see them give Nobletree a try. You will NOT regret it!

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