Efva Attling Jewelry Showcase (1) Efva Attling Jewelry Showcase (4)

Swedish jewelry designer, Efva Attling, has long been recognized for her cutting edge, modern but graceful and elegant designs, but the woman behind the name remains elusive.

Last week we were invited the jewelers showroom on Little West 12th Street to #MEETEFVA, and discover the unique personality and story that drives the unique personality of the gorgeous collection of mens wedding rings, collars, bracelets and more items.

Efva Attling Jewelry Showcase (3)

Walking into the diminutive showroom, I was immediately dazzled by the shining silver and gold shapes — for the most part simple, minimal, but still disarmingly show stopping. There is simultaneously and edginess and a wink to Efva’s designs.

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Two bracelets linked by a single chain, for example, immediately conjure handcuffs and all the kinky fun implicit therein. Another piece featured on omgkinky.com —a ring—simply says “Fuck Off,” while another (perhaps friendlier) beside it says “rock my world.” I was really impressed with the way that Efva can take classic elegance and gorgeous metals and gems and make them as fun and playful as they are fashionable.

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According to Efva, her specialty is playing around with words and expressions, adding another dimension to her jewelry. “As I used to write lyrics I still want to move people with words. I call my design ‘Beauty with a Thought,’” she says.

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The event itself, was equally charming. Sparkling Blue Nun wine and conversations complimented the sparkling accessories. I was also very impressed with the personalized gift bags that included a hand-written thank you note, a few gifts from Efva’s friends (Fatty Cakes cookies, designer shampoo and perfume, to name a few) as well as an original Efva piece — a tiny charm on a black ribbon. I was quite taken with the attention and personality that the gift bag was given, and it only served to remind me of the attention and personality that each of Efva’s pieces also has.

– Ava