Being a native New Yorker, having lived in Hell’s Kitchen since the big bad 80s when most people avoided the neighborhood, I thoroughly enjoyed Morgan Freeman‘s new movie 5 Flights Up.

Freeman plays an artist that, 40 years ago, bought a run-down apartment in a ‘sketchy’ part of Brooklyn with his wife, acted excellently by Diane Keaton. Turn to present day and their neighborhood is a hood no longer, and their apartment is worth a small fortune. Sound familiar, anyone?


The couple let their niece, played by Cynthia Nixon, list their property to see what they might make if they sold it. On the eve of their open house, the Brooklyn Bridge, which they live near, is rumored to be under a terrorist attack, sending the media into a frenzy as well as people’s attitudes about living in New York.

With a few other interesting turns and twists, my girlfriend and I really enjoyed the film. Morgan gives another impressive performance, as always, and the rest of the cast holds their own and keeps you entertained. The film premiered at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival and was initially titled Ruth & Alex and Life Itself.  It comes out in theaters and On Demand May 8th.

– Michael Riegelman

Visit: www.FocusFeatures.com/5_Flights_Up
Preview the trailer: https://youtu.be/Vub5xBlJ8HU