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If you live in NYC, you probably have at least one friend that brags about their super rad job at some new startup with allllll these great perks. You kind of roll your eyes and scoff, but you also secretly wish you had a cool job, too. How can you find out about up-and-coming companies and exciting job opportunities?

To get you started on your job search at an exciting new startup, Uncubed is here to help.




Uncubed strives to connect innovative companies with people who are looking to break into the exciting world of startups, and acts as a resource for learning digital skills in tech, design and business. Their career conferences, which take place in New York City, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Chicago, round up startup companies into one place where job hunters have the opportunity to meet the company representatives face to face. This year’s spring conference in NYC is taking place on Friday, May 8th – be sure to sign up before tickets sell out!

In past years, the conferences host speaker panels featuring notable companies who give their own personal insight and career advice. This year, there will also have mini classes where a company will host a crash course on one particular skill. No matter what, you’ll definitely learn something valuable.

This is certainly not your typical stale recruiting event. Uncubed partners with companies to host live bands, fun activities, and even an open bar to create a fun, relaxing atmosphere for people to network and mingle. For example, in the past they’ve had a 30-ft. skate ramp, a puppy pen from Barkbox, CEO dunk tank, and a tailgate party with IBM Watson. This is the kind of networking that you’ll want to participate in! We can’t wait to see what is in store for us this time.

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In addition to these career conferences, Uncubed creates content in the form of an e-newsletter with a wealth of information, from new job opportunities, new products, and emerging companies, to important current events in tech and business. They also have free online classes through Uncubed Edge that are bite-sized and easy to digest, taught by companies that you know and admire.

We got the inside scoop on Uncubed talking to CEO and co-founder, Chris Johnson. The first eight years of Johnson’s career was in finance, and after shuffling around in different corporate environments, he decided to make the switch to join a startup company. Johnson met Tarek Pertew, CCO and co-founder of Uncubed, through a mutual friend and they hit it off, solidifying their decision to work together.

They started building software programs together, but then decided to switch gears that played more to both of their strengths. Through both of their past job search experience, they decided to form a company dedicated to helping others on their own search at startups – and thus, Uncubed was born in 2011.

The current Uncubed staff consists of 15 people in their NYC Chinatown office and one person spearheading their efforts in Chicago, while also tackling the startup job markets in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Uncubed has proved to be a good marketing platform for new, emerging companies that candidates want to learn more about.

With so many applicants vying for the same jobs, what can do you to make yourself stand out?

Johnson takes us a through fundamental points on how to make yourself a better candidate. First is the dreaded cover letter: formal, traditional cover letter templates do not work for startups like they may work for bigger corporations. Startups look at cover letters that are attention-grabbing and well thought-out. “Mention something specific about the company that you are applying for,” Johnson advises. “Attach yourself to that particular company or their products to show that you did your research.”

Additionally, show leadership by highlighting a particular project that you managed. Johnson suggests that if you are struggling to come up with a leadership role at your current job, start by creating your own personal website and update your social media channels to reflect the professional side of your personality. Take online classes in programming, web design and marketing. “Build a bridge between yourself and what types of jobs inspire you.”


In addition to Uncubed Edge, Johnson tells us that there are plenty of education resources that allow you to take classes online. One education partner is Metis, a data science bootcamp with 9- to 12-week programs that provides you with intensive, on-site instruction and access to an extensive network of mentors with ongoing career coaching and job placement support.

With the career conferences being such a huge success, Johnson and Pertew are constantly thinking of new, innovative ideas to complement their main events. Johnson shared a few plans for the future, which would include smaller, more frequent meet-ups, and host more classes to build upon Uncubed Edge and grow their online learning platform. Uncubed also has a partnership with the NYC Economic Development Corp (NYCEDC) and helping develop their programs with prospective students.

While startup life may seem overwhelming at times, it’s not impossible to have an enjoyable work-life balance. Nearby the office, the team loves to have outings at Prosperity Dumplings and Ochado, and grab drinks at Fontana’s.

Be sure to check out Uncubed and snag your ticket to the next NYC career conference on Friday, May 8th! Check out below for more event details.


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NYC UNCUBED Spring 2015

Friday, May 8th, 2015

Metropolitan Pavilion
125 W 18th St
New York, NY 10011
Between 6th and 7th Ave


Connecting creators in tech, design and business with NYC’s most exciting companies

For more info on participating companies and to purchase tickets, visit:

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