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Last week I attended the annual S.L.E. Lupus Foundation Handbag Luncheon. This year it was hosted in support of Lupus Research to improve treatment and find a cure. As always, it was fun, inspiring and a wonderful event.

This time we got to try and bid with our cellphones with BidPal a mobile and bidding software. It is fun experiencing the different ways of bidding, last year it was with an Ipad and the time before that it was the classic pen and paper. Keep it up! It is fun!

2015 S.L.E. Lupus Foundation Handbag Luncheon (7)

Three women were honored at the event and as always they were inspiring, moving and dedicated. First to be honored at the event was Dr. Betty Diamond. A woman who has dedicated her life and career to autoimmune and musculoskeletal diseases. A humble woman that talked more about others than herself.

photo by Matthew Carasella (2)

The second woman to be honored was Brett Heyman, founder and Creative Director at Edie Parker. Her mother, Carol Weisman, had the opportunity to present her the award. Carol Weisman spoke about her daughter so beautifully and heartfelt. When Brett Heyman came to the podium she equally spoke of how her mother had inspired her and why she was supporting the S.L.E. Foundation.

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The last to be honored at the event was Teri Wilford Wood, Associate General Counsel, IBM and S.L.E. Lupus Foundation Board Secretary. A woman with an impressive resume.

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As usual the Plaza is impressive and gorgeous and always a classic and perfect place to have an event like this. The organizers of the event does a remarkable job and you always feel welcome. They always make sure you have what you need and you are taken care of even if you are all there by your lonesome.

2015 S.L.E. Lupus Foundation Handbag Luncheon (1)

The video they show every year, always different mind you, is made extremely well and is something other non-profits could learn from. They are always incredibly inspirational and makes you want to donate everything possible. Whoever does their video’s should know how good they are.

I have been to this even the past three years and I love it each time. I just hope that next time I will be able to afford bidding.

– Line

Photos by Matthew Carasella and by Socially Superlative