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I’m nowhere NEAR getting engaged/planning a wedding and usually I’m A-ok with that. Right now I’m living it up in the greatest city, single and embracing the heck out of my 20s until I find that special someone. That is until I end up at a drool-worthy wedding or like last week, get an invite to peruse what’s trending in the wedding world.

Now I’m on a mission to find a husband ASAP so I can pick out the perfect florals, silverware, chairs and vases for my engagement party, wedding and of course set up my registry. Let me rephrase that – I’m just going to enlist the help of Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine + their posse to plan everything!

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Bridal Week hit New York City last week and Socially Superlative was invited to join Darcy Miller, the Editorial Director of Martha Stewart Weddings and wedding-guru for The New York Tabletop Show® Forty-One Madison. The bi-annual show takes place every Spring and Fall and began in the 1970s when the 23 floors of showrooms opened at Forty-One Madison.

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Tabletops are you guessed it – all things that go on your tables from china and glassware to flatware and silverware. This show is all that’s new and innovative in the tabletop world. And the tabletop market is VERY robust. No longer is it just Lenox and Waterford Crystal (not that there is anything wrong with those brands – I mean come on!)  Top designers like DKNY, Marchesa, Hermes and the always popular Kate Spade have entered the ring and are knocking designs out of the park.

The show took place at the dramatic Forty-One Madison on the ground floor where Martha Stewart Weddings and top paper artists collaborated to create an array mind-blowing table settings. I was then given access to the playground of showrooms in the building and dipped my foot in the glorious world of tabletops.

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The Dish from Darcy + Martha Stewart Wedding

Table 1: So-In-Love Soiree Engagement Table // Creates a fresh look for a Spring Engagement party

Many of these larger pieces are surprise in delight both for the guests and for the bride. The large Egg Cup Gold Caviar by Furstenberg on the table open up and can contain unique offerings for guests whether it be food or gifts. The décor leaf holders can go home with the bride after and hold her rings or jewelry and continued to be enjoyed. The mini-cakes show that you can go simple and inexpensive and then give them flare with paper décor bought through boutiques, Etsy and paper artists. The paper artistry for this table was completed by “The Green Vase” Livia Cetti.

Engagement Part 2 So In Love Soiree Engagement Part 1 So In Love Soiree

Table 2: The Chic Shower // Plays up the Bride’s Personality for a One-of-a-Kind Bridal Shower

The bride’s personality should shine at her shower and mixing and matching patterns allows for a fun, flirty and versatile look. The flatware used was by Vera Wang and was reminiscent of chop sticks – also reinforcing it’s not just all silver anymore. Utilizing paper décor can save on the overall budget and brides can literally have a hand in planning the various parties for the weddings. These intricate paper floral arrangements can then live in the home after the festivities come to a close.

The Chic Shower 4 The Chic Shower 3

Table 3: The Reception

Creating a table should be fun and festive and pieces should be used afterwards. This reception table should be fun and not just cookie cutter – more of a bespoke feel. Dynamic in this display was metallic and golds along with the paper artistry décor by Confetti System.  It was simple yet elegant and incorporated large pieces that could be used again in the couple’s home.

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Table 4: The After Party (Bar + Dessert) // Sets a Modern Spread for an After-Party with Late-Night Sweets and Spirts

Couples want to create a look that represents their style and often want the space to feel like their own home – even if it’s a venue. The dessert table was very elegant and still embodied the bride but this is a part of the wedding where men enjoy being involved.  Men understand and are drawn to barware and the after party is a chance for the groom to offer is opinion. The displays also showed the use of rentals and thinking outside of the box on chairs, tables and my favorite – the bar cart for the after-party. Martha Stewart Weddings suggest the Taylor Creative.

Dessert Bar 1

When it comes to getting engaged there are a lot of events to plan and these four tablescapes displayed the progression of parties. Darcy shared that a key inspiration for all the tables was mixing and matching from different brands and not just sticking with one palate. Many of these pieces are purchased and will come back home with the couple afterward or can even just be assigned as gifts for the registry.

Many engaged couples are at the age where they are trying to find their own style and Martha Stewart Weddings tries to help them curate their lifestyle by seeking unique, fashion-forward pieces that are still timeless. Nowadays couples are living together before they are married and already have home necessities but this is the chance to grow as a couple and get in touch with personal styles.

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With technology everyone grows up as a curator of style but it is also a lot more overwhelming with the amount to choose from and that is when you can turn to Martha Stewart Weddings for help!

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