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In honor of National Burger Month – yes, now you know that May is National Burger Month, you’re welcome – Pounds & Ounces NYC Pub in Chelsea is offering an amazing bargain burger for lunch: $5 will get you their classic 8 oz. house blend beef patty on a brioche bun, including American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, and pickle chips. Add a side of fries for $4.

Just $5, you say? We decided to check this out for ourselves. Sure enough, it was $5 for the delicious, juicy burger when you order in person and take it on the go. This lunch special is offered Tuesday through Friday, from noon to 4 p.m., so you can load up on all the burgers you can handle.

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The lunch special is the same generous size as their signature burger offered for table service at $17. However, you should still come back for dinner, since the in-house burger is enhanced by aged cheddar, heirloom tomato, giant wasabi crusted onion ring and jalapeno-ginger ketchup, and served with fries. Not to mention all of their other fantastic dinner menu items.

We chatted with Executive Chef Margaret LaVetty and asked her how this amazing lunch special came to me, and she said that it started because they had a surplus of burger patties, so they came up with a great special to entice people to get the burgers. It was so popular that they decided to continue with it. Neighbors in Chelsea can now find an affordable and delicious lunch option. Other lunch options include salads and wraps, as well as Pub Plates and desserts.

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Speaking of dessert – we couldn’t leave without being tempted by the Lavender Sandwiches, which is vanilla gelato nestled between lavender-white chocolate shortbread cookies. Though your burger will most definitely be filling, be sure to leave room for dessert!

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In addition to their new lunch offerings, their 40-seat outdoor café is open for the warm-weather season.

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Pounds & Ounces NYC Pub
160 8th Avenue at 18th Street
New York, NY 10011