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The Best Day Of Your Life with Thrillist

June 20th.  It’s the year’s longest Saturday, and it’s also the Best Day Of Your Life: Thrillist’s 3rd annual homage to all-day face-stuffing, drink-enjoying, impossible-to-predict surprises, and general shenanigans.

This year we’re hosting an afternoon throwdown covering more than 15 of the Lower East Side’s finest outposts to fun. Think: fusion taquitos, cereal martinis, live band karaoke, and more. Way more.

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The Best Day Of Your Life is more than just a really fun Saturday.

It’s a Saturday full of food-, drink-, and absurdity-fueled fun that includes:

  • Whiskey tipples and an “oyster boat” filled to the crow’s nest with shucked delicacies at Grey Lady
  • Salty-sweet beer & pretzel cupcakes from boozy confectioners Prohibition Bakery
  • Traditional black pudding and even more traditional Irish beer at Donnybrook
  • Maple ice pops from Sweet Chick, fried fusion taquitos from Taquitoria, and more than a dozen other stops loaded with refreshments and surprises

More than 15 bars throughout the Lower East Side

Saturday, June 20th
1:00pm–6:00pm (plus an afterparty!)

Because if you’re spending the longest Saturday of the year doing anything else,

you’re missing the best Saturday of the year.

General Admission: $70
Limited Early Bird tickets: $60

BDOYL Selfie_Photo Credit Christos Katsiaouni