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Sicily‘s greatest natural attraction is also its highest mountain. To the ancient Greeks, Mount Etna was the realm of Vulcan, god of fire, and the home of the one-eyed monster known as the Cyclops. At over 2 miles high, it is Europe’s highest active volcano.

Sicily has more vineyards than any other Italian wine region, competing with Apulia for first place as Italy’s largest wine producer. The 9 wine regions of Sicily include Agrigento, Catania, Caltanisseta, Enna, Messina, Palermo, Ragusa, Siracusa, and Trapani.

Catania has some of the most interesting (and strong) wine in Sicily due to the fact that the grapes grow in rich soil topped with volcanic ash. Etna‘s climate is very different from that typically found in Sicily. The altitude and the effect of the massive volcano influences the temperatures and rainfall. The the volcanic soil is rich in iron, copper, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium.

Celebrate Wine

20150515_232836Music, traditions, culture and cinema: these are the four themes of the “Etnafest”, the popular cultural event organized by the Province of Catania. On the bill there are many exciting events featuring the best of Sicilian and Italian style and traditions as well as many famous entertainers, the aim being to relaunch Sicily and its many attractions as a prime tourist destination.

Top Wine to Experience in Catania

  • Monte Gorna Etna Rosso, 2009 (Strong fruit flavors that pair well with Italian meat dishes, similar to a Zinfandel this is one of the better wine from the Puglia region.
  • Barone Pizzini Red U.V. (The wine available in Sicily is not limited to the island. You are able to enjoy fresh wine from all regions of Italy like this wonderful red from the northern part of the country)
  • Barone di Villagrande Fiore Terre Siciliane (Recent improvements and changes within the ine production of southern Italy have seen an increase in production of rich wine made mostly from Aglianico and Primitivo.)

Where to Enjoy Fine Wine

For those who appreciate good wine, Villagrande Wine Resort provides an unforgettable opportunity to enjoy the flavors and culture of the famous Etna region, combined with a generous portion of proverbial Sicilian hospitality. Situated on the east slope of the volcano within the Etna National Park, the Wine Resort is surrounded by woods and vineyards and overlooks the wonderful coastline of Taormina. Beautiful views!

Azienda Vinicola Barone di Villagrande e Cantine
95010 – Milo (CT) Via del Bosco, 25

Masseria Carminello was once winery that has undergone an extensive remodeling. The interior was expanded during the remodeling, and has been redesigned to incorporate natural materials, wooden roof trusses,  and artful lighting designed to make the room elegant and cozy. The cuisine is amplified by a single winery; the careful selection of regional wine changes every month.

Via Carminello, 21
95028 Valverde (CT) ITALY
Tel. +39 095.7211736



To learn more about how and where to enjoy top wine from Sicily – including Catania and the surrounding areas visit Catania Tourism online here.


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