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Want to try samples of new products, and have them delivered straight to your door for free? Be a product guinea pig with PINCHme – and no weird science experiments, trust us!

PINCHme gives consumers the unique opportunity to be the first to discover new products and voice their opinions. Scour through their list of products from top brands, request the samples, and they get shipped to you for free right to your home or office. Shipping is free and the samples are free!

Following your test of the product, give your feedback in the form of a few easy and straightforward survey questions. The questionnaires are short and painless with a fast rating scale and space to put in your own comments. Quite possibly the easiest way to give honest feedback!

Check out this short video from PINCHme:

Just like all great offers, people tend to snatch them up pretty quickly. So be diligent about checking your emails from PINCHme and they’ll you when new samples will be available. Check out some of the products that have been feature in the past. Products are available for a limited time, so act fact!

What’s even better is that you also have access to  PINCHme Perks where you can score valuable deals and offers ranging from snacks to shopping and apparel . They are also introducing PINCHme Points where you can earn points by sharing your feedback on social media and redeem them for other goodies – so stay tuned for more on that!

Sign up for PINCHme here!

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Just to show you a few examples of what you could receive, PINCHme sent us a sample box for our evaluation, ranging from beauty products to edible samples.

One of my favorite items were the lotions from Gold Bond. Most people associate Gold Bond with that questionable mustard-yellow bottle, so I love the updated packaging on this. The Gold Bond Ultimate line is really all about nourishment for every day use, and this sample size is actually fantastic for my to throw in my purse.

I get abnormally excited about cheese – any kind of cheese – so I was really jazzed for Kraft‘s Seasoned Grated Parmesan Cheese. For lazy people like me who are also terrible cooks, this will be a great way for me to infuse more flavor into my cooking.

I’ve also heard of Berocca, but would never think to buy this on my own. Berocca is a tablet packed with vitamins and minerals that adds a fizz to your water to give you an energy boost and “offers support for your mind, support for your body and means you can stay ahead of the game.”

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For ladies, we sampled the Playtex Sport Combo Pack of tampons and liners, as well as Night-time Cleaning Clothes from Summer’s Eve. This is great to try out some products that you may end up liking and adding to your regular use. I also loved the bright blue bottle of nail polish from Sinful Colours, which made me check out their website to see their whole range of bright colors.

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We are excited to check out more products from PINCHme in the near future – as should you! Sign up for PINCHme here for free!

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