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If you live in New York City brunch is a staple in your weekend plans. I was lucky enough to attend a delicious brunch at KTCHN NYC during my birthday weekend that included entertainment in the form of comedy and singing.

Kids, for this one be sure to wear your Sunday’s finest. And no, I don’t mean what you would wear to Church (or Synagogue for my fellow Jews.) The Haus Of Mimosa Boozy Brunch at KTCHN NYC requires an outfit with a lot of sass to go with the crass of your lovely hostesses’ s Anita M. Buffem and Gina Marie Rittale.  


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Oh, did I mention these two gals from Queens are in fact “Queens” themselves? Drags Queens! These comedic songstresses sing live, are unapologetic and will have you dancing in your seats to hit songs from Madonna’s Girls Gone Wild, Lady Gaga’s Born this way to TLC’s Waterfalls and some Broadway Favorites.

These two divas also have their own Podcast, “Haus of Mimosa: The Podcast” (#HOMPodcast) which you can subscribe to on iTunes and a Youtube Channel documenting their debauchery and delving into current trends. The Podcast features Anita and Gina Marie, but also strips down (shhh, not literally) their characters and they host half the show as Travis & Steven discussing hot topics and giving an inside look into their lives as drag performers.

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What makes the whole brunch experience even better is the food at KTCHN. The menu is stock full of delectable brunch favorites including:

  • Fire Island, a hollowed out pineapple filled with creamy Greek yogurt, diced pineapple, strawberries, granola and walnuts
  • Loaded Sexy Fries, braised beef, serrano queso, guacamole crema
  • West Coast Burger, fresh ground chuck steak topped with white cheddar, fresh arugula, tomato, red onion, sliced avocado and honey mustard dressing, sexy fries substitute: turkey burger
  • Classic Eggs Benedict, canadian bacon, poached eggs, baby arugula, hollandaise sauce
  • Challah French Toast, bananas, strawberries, toasted coconut, warm maple syrup
  • Mac-N-Cheese, with truffle oil

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From the mouth of the hosts:

“Our Sunday brunch show is our favorite weekly gig. We get to belt out our favorite songs, improv hysterical situations and all while interacting in a fun and comfortable way with our audience. It’s like character dining at Disney, but with a lot more Mimosas.”

After chatting with these two for a good 20 minutes it is quite apparent the passion that these friends have for the Drag and entertainment industry. They work lot of other gigs as Anita M. Buffem and Gina Marie Rittale including DJing and private shows, but what is so unique is their interest in having Travis and Steven still shine through.

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For those looking to up the booze factor on their brunch experience, KTCHN offers a bottomless prix-fixe option complete with all the mimosas and sangria you can drink. For reservations please call 212-868-2999 or check out and

– Lauren

Photos via R. Couri Hay PR and by Socially Superlative