The countdown is on: We’re more than half-way through the summer (sob). On the flip side, we still have a few precious weekends left to grab friends, chill out at the pool/beach, and fire up the grill.

For those of you who want great home-grilled burgers but are not entirely sure where to start, BacoBurger is your new go-to for delicious patties. Their gourmet bacon and beef blended burgers are juicy and delicious, and can conveniently be shipped straight to your door!                

Untitled BacoBurger  

The patties are shipped frozen, so you may have your doubts on the tastiness of it all. I was skeptical, too – until we put it to the test for ourselves when BacoBurger let us in on their great secret. I tried the BacoBurger Classic prime cut beef ($29.95 for a 12-pack) and the premium Wagyu BacoBurger ($37.95 for a 12-pack).

In its frozen packaged form, it looks… not amazing. Just like any other frozen meat. After defrosting it – my preferred method is submerging under hot water for about 10 minutes – things didn’t really improve too much, but I was not deterred.

Untitled Untitled  

Since I live in a small, balcony-less NYC apartment with no room for a grill, I tried my hand at some stove-top grilling. Disclaimer that I am not at all a grillmaster, so stop judging me, okay?! I threw the patty onto my pan, and after about a minute I could hear the sizzling sounds of success brewing, and this is when the bland patty began to come to life.


Sizzle sizzle!

It took a few minutes for it to start browning up, but the juices started flowing and you could already tell that the end result would be delicious. Not wanting to add too much, I sprinkled in just a touch of black pepper and garlic powder. After covering the patty in the pan and flipping it over a few times, it was done in a matter of minutes.

Because I am a child, I don’t like veggies getting in the way of my burger. I did melt a slice of cheese on top, which neatly enveloped the burger. I toasted a potato roll in the same pan which sopped up some of the burger juice, and then put on a second slice of cheese for good measure. I added a little bit of ketchup, but it wasn’t even really necessary. Given how juicy the burger was, there was really no need for anything additional.


Untitled Untitled 



All in all, my frozen stove-top burgers ended up being pretty delicious. Give these BacoBurgers to someone who is even marginally better at cooking than me, use a real grill, and imagine all of the delicious possibilities! To give my burger a little bit of dimension, next time I will consider a few pieces of lettuce and tomatoes. Feel free to make it look something more like this:




I did have a side of watermelon and peaches to make myself feel better. They have a great variety of other meat, such as steaks, straight-up bacon (coming in fall), kebabs, chicken, and even get a sampler pack for some variety.

Orders over $100 get free shipping, so plan a grilling party and order BacoBurger to treat your friends and yourself a summer feast.


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Photos via BacoBurger and by Socially Superlative