The summer may be winding down, but not without a fight. Take advantage of the remaining long summer days we have left by booking a spontaneous trip!

Booking a last minute hotel room is made easy with Booking Now, a new app from Booking.comBooking Now gives you access to 600,000+ hotels world-wide with the best last-minute rates, all accessible at your fingertips.    



If you’re like me who makes travel plans months in advance because last minute planning gives you anxiety, you may think spontaneous trips are not for you. However! A study conducted by found that the top season for a spur of the moment getaway is summer and taking a spontaneous trip will boost happiness in respondents.

So while you may have your long term plans lined up, it doesn’t hurt to try and be spontaneous every once in a while. We had a chance to check out the app for ourselves at Booking Now‘s casino night in NYC.

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While we played Blackjack and roulette, we spoke to Leslie Cafferty, the VP Corporate Communications at The Priceline Group, parent company of She showed us the ease at which we could browse through the app and look at the options, and even add filters to include your specific requests.

Even if you don’t have a particular destination in mind, you can enter in your preferences and activities, and out will pop up suggestions on places you should consider visiting. The Booking Now app is perfect for anyone traveling last minute looking for the best deal on accommodations. The app is accessible on the Apple Watch for those who are especially on the go.



Booking Now is great for the spontaneous traveler with flexible travel plans to take a gamble on something new. And for non-spontaneous people like myself, it never hurts to have a back-up plan. In case of last minute cancellations and problems, it’s good to know there are resources out there that will help you out when you’re in a bind.

Get out, travel, and explore!


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