Women's Health Well-thy in the Hamptons Women's Health Well-thy in the Hamptons

This past weekend, we lived the quintessential Hamptons day: healthy eating and working out during the day, and then attending a magnificent beachfront party in a luxurious home by night.

The festivities were hosted by Women’s Health Magazine, who treated us a full day of activities and excitement.

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Like most go-getters, our Saturday started off early by boarding the Hampton Jitney at 7:00 AM where we were bound for Women’s Health VP and Publisher Laura Frerer-Schmidt’s newly constructed Montauk home dubbed the “Well-thy House.”

The beautiful 4,000 square-foot, 6 bed, 4 bath home sits on 2 acres of land and was developed as a sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of city life, perfect for a day of wellness and relaxation.
  Women's Health Well-thy in the Hamptons  

The day’s event, co-branded by Women’s Heath and Domino Magazine, started off with an invigorating yoga session on the 1,000 square-foot rooftop deck run by Mandy Ingber, celebrity yoga instructor with over 20 years of teaching experience with an impressive list of clients such as as Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Jennifer Lawrence, and Emilia Clarke.

Even though the morning just started, the sun was beating down and turned the class into an impromptu hot yoga session. But a healthy dose of vitamin D and some stretching is just what we needed to get the day started!

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We then settled down in the backyard of the Well-thy home for a crash course by dietitian Keri Glassman, who guided us on how to best success with a cleanse. Most people associate a cleanse with extreme dieting and/or staying away from solid foods, which is definitely not the way to go and more likely than not will lead to weight fluctuation.

Glassman advised us that cleansing is “a foundation for your normal diet” and that you should use the knowledge of nutrition to select foods that work for you and aspire you to continue eating healthily. Start with a 4-day cleanse that will lead to incorporating better foods into your regular lifestyle.


Glassman took us through three dishes that were prepared for us. The first was a “live salad” with all sorts of healthy greens: cabbage, dandelion greens, carrots, sprouts, red peppers, and sunflower seeds (for protein and satiety, since you still need a little bit of fat in your every day diet). The second dish was a hearty nori wrap filled with hummus, carrots, cucumber, tofu, and avocado. To jazz it up a bit, she suggests adding a bit of salmon or even chicken as well. The third dish was a green smoothie with almond milk, bananas, spinach, and chia seeds.

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No time for slacking off: then it was time for an intense workout session with Heidi Powell, celebrity trainer and star of ABC’s Extreme Weightloss. The “bikini booty mission” was not to be taken lightly.

No equipment was needed for this workout, just the motivation from an energetic partner to keep each other going through squats, lunges, mountain climbers, burpees, planks – all to get out butt and core into shape!

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After a great sweaty workout, we got a crash course from Jeff Dawson, the Garden Manager at Golden Door spa resort in California, on how to create our own backyard herb garden. He demonstrated the process of growing potted herbs and discussed their nutritional benefits.

This was a great segue into the cooking session by Greg Frey Jr., Executive Chef at Golden Door, who demonstrated cooking techniques using those fresh herbs.

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The lunch, specially created by Frey Jr. and prepared Dave Martin, was hosted in support of the FEED Foundation and RUN10 FEED10. During the break, guests had the opportunity to explore the grounds of the house and dip their feet in the pool. Indoors, GLAMSQUAD set up a station for polish changes and hair stylings, where ladies emerged with perfectly coiffed braids. Other guests picked up a magazine and lounged with their Owl’s Brew tea cocktails.

Following lunch, guests sat down in the house for a talk with world-renowned photographer James Houston, founder of MindSpaceDesign. He inspired us by saying even small changes you make in your home that connect you to future goals can change your mindset and help support you in achieving that goal. First, get rid of old clutter that represent your past self and any negative associations. Then when you attribute positive associations with certain items that represent future goals and dreams, they serve as reminders when you see them on a daily basis. Those items come to the forefront of your attention and you become more focused on achieving your dreams. Sounds complicated yet so simple at the same time. Check out here for more on how to get started.

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Thanks to the great team of heath, nutrition, and fitness experts for a fun-filled educational day!


After our final wellness session, guests were given some time to freshen up in preparation for the “Party Under the Stars” event at the elegant Bridgehampton Surf & Tennis Club to benefit the FEED Foundation.

The event was hosted by Lauren Bush Lauren, Chairman of FEED; Amy Keller Laird, Editor-in-Chief of Women’s Health; and Laura Frerer-Schmidt, Publisher of Women’s Health and host of the Well-thy home.

Party Under the Stars. Photo credit: Bryan Bedder       

The glamorous event had everyone dressed in their best summer outfits and featured an amazing live reggae band, delicious cocktails and hors d’oeuvres, and amazing auction items to bid on. A slew of celebrities came out in support, including: model Molly Simms; actors Rosario Dawson, Laura Prepon, Eric West, Adrienne Bailon, Julianne Michelle, and Tashiana Washington; Real Housewives Countess LuAnn de Lesepps, Kelly Bensimon, and Kristin Taekman; designers Cynthia Rowley and Jill Stuart; Ginger Zee from Good Morning America; and all of the seminar hosts from earlier in the day.    

482716192 482701964 Party Under the Stars. Photo credit: Bryan Bedder

The music shifted to an even more energetic vibe when Orange is the New Black star Taryn Manning took over control to DJ.As the sun set, a bonfire was lit on the beach for guests to roast marshmallows and build their own s’mores. A great end to a fun-filled day of activities! Be sure to scroll through our image galleries below for even more amazing photos from the day.

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Photos by Sean Sime Photography, Bryan Bedder for Getty Images, and Socially Superlative.