REVIV NYC by Chris Zelig

When Socially Superlative was approached by REVIV Wellness, the growing company that specializes in IV infusion treatments and energy & wellness booster shots, there wasn’t an overwhelming response on who would take on this experience. It’s a bit intimidating knowing you are going to face needle and nutrients I’ve never heard of, some reading as long as “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.”

After several days of no writers stepping up I decided that my body could use a little R&R and hydration. The IV Treatments at REVIV features a wide range of hydration treatments to combat dehydration as well as vitamin and mineral deficiencies, whether it’s from a strenuous workout, jet lag or a late-night out. The luxurious, resort-level experience of administering IVs, just started servicing New Yorkers (after success in Miami and Vegas,) as a spa and a concierge service.

REVIV IV Therapy by LW (2) REVIV IV Therapy by LW (1)

REVIV’s Doctors and trained medical staff take great care to ensure your REVIV experience is quick, efficient and relaxing. Developed by a group of ER docs/athletes, their vast menu of IV formulas go above and beyond helping you shake that hangover.

It’s been one week since I’ve had this treatment and I can with full honesty say my body did feel different after these treatments. With the end of summer approaching I’ve been listening to my Spotify playlist more frequently, so what better way to write about my week after than with some song titles! <3

REVIV IV Therapy by LW (3) REVIV IV Therapy by LW (6)


What better day to receive a revitalizing treatment that hangover reducing treatment than after a summer weekend. After two nights on the town, a day of tailgating and brunch my body could only be described as having some Bad Blood {Taylor Swift.} I was quite nervous getting a needle but my two “revivalists” as I will call them were a pleasure and full of knowledge.

The 45 minute procedure was painless and even borderline relaxing (minus needle action) as the rejuvenating liquids pumped into my tired body. I received the MEGABOOST Vitamin Wellness Infusion – REVIV’s signature IV and the Energy Boost which was administered in mere seconds.


When I woke up the next day it was exactly what I had hoped for, I felt Charged Up with LOTS of Energy {Drake} and if we are Talking Body {Tov Lo} it’s the first time in a while that I wasn’t on the struggle bus in the morning before work. While the IV treatments are administered quickly, you begin to feel the effects immediately and they full develop over the next few hours which is why I woke up with maximum level of restored hydration. The vitamins pumping through me even seemed to help with my focus.

REVIV New York City by Chris Zelig


I was still feeling Cool for the Summer {Demi Lovato} and realized that having a needle gently prick me is totally Worth It {Fifth Harmony} if the results are this quick and noticeable. I know I don’t’ drink enough water and that dehydration really wreaks havoc on your body, but I didn’t realize how lethargic I was until taking the MEGABOOST for a test drive.


I’m still thinking that visiting REVIV is Good For You {Selena Gomez.} While it’s not as noticeable as the first two days, I’m still more focused and feeling cleansed if you will.


I was honestly still feeling the great effects of the nutrients that were dripped into my body and since I’d been drinking more water and no alcoholic beverages during the week I was still feeling on my game. Usually Friday night all I want to do is sleep but with my continued renewed energy all I could think was The Night is Still Young {Nicki Minaj} and I can just Shut Up and Dance {Walk the Moon.}


REVIV were true Heros {Alesso} and I’m officially hooked on this spa service. They also offer a concierge service so it you would like to be extra lazy and have the treatment done in the privacy of your own home, it’s an option! I will certainly See You Again {Wiz Khalifa} REVIV.

REVIV IV Therapy by LW (8) REVIV IV Therapy by LW (7)

I received the MEGABOOST Vitamin Infusion but there are several options starting at $99:

MEGABOOST Vitamin Infusion
Multivitamins; Antioxidants; Immunity Support

HYDROMAX Pure Hydration Infusion
Restores hydration; Flushes out lactic acid and toxins

VITAGLOW Anti-Aging Infusion
Restores hydration; Prevents and reverses the effects of free radicals; Rejuvenates skin; Cleanses Vital Organs

ULTRAVIV Recovery Infusion
Vitamin B12; Anti-nausea medications; Anti-inflammatory medications

The ROYAL FLUSH Deluxe Infusion
All vitamins of MegaBoost Wellness; All recovery of UltraViv Recovery; Detoxifying Glutathione

REVIV offers three different energy booster shots which include the B-12 Pure Energy Booster, the SLIMBOOST Fit Energy Booster and the GLUTATHIONE Total Body Booster.

– Lauren Wire

Photos via REVIV Wellness and by Socially Superlative