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What better way to spend a Friday night than perusing aisles and aisles of food and beverages. Even better when it’s for a good cause! Plate by Plate was absolutely worth increasing my caloric intake for the day and the need to complete two Classpass gym sessions for the rest of the weekend. 

Project By Project NY recently hosted its annual tasting benefit, Plate by Plate (sensing a word pattern here) at Metropolitan Pavilion. This signature event produced in New York City, Los Angeles, and San Francisco is held each year and in the Big Apple, showcases premier restaurants that were ALL worth visiting after the fact. I was joined by over 500 of my closest food and wine loving guests who sampled the night away for a good cause.      


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Net ticket proceeds garnered from this event benefit their partner charity organization, Asian Americans for Equality (AAFE), a non-profit organization founded in 1974 and dedicated to enriching the lives of Asian Americans and all of those who are in need. Through a wide range of multilingual counseling services, AAFE provides education, financial assistance, and training to empower people, small businesses, and neighborhoods. Its research, advocacy, and grassroots organizing initiatives help to shape government policy and to effect positive change.    

Luckily this affiliation meant that the Plate by Plate goers enjoyed foods with Asian flare and event got a taste of Chef Hung Huynh, Top Chef Winner season 3, REALLY spicy sauces atop tender Udon Noodles.    

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Plate by Plate has been featured on Bravo TV’s hit reality show Top Chef, MTV-K, as well as some of New York’s best culinary publications and I see why. It was an event that had a wonderful cultural turnout and introduced Asian inspired food to all of the guests including some of my favorite dishes below!

Thalassa Restaurant  

Thalassa Restaurant found in the coveted Tribeca offers a menu of delicious Greek and Mediterranean dishes featuring fresh seafood and organic produce. Served this evening was Tartar in Filo with Caviar Mousse as well as Seafood Salad with Sweet Potato Puree. I’ve never been a caviar fan but this mousse could go atop ANY form of bread and cause you to beg for more. The tartar and filo added to the sensational taste while the second dish of seafood and sweet potato surprisingly completed each other. Variations of these ingredients can be found on the restaurant menu.

The Sea Grill at Rockefeller Center (Patina Restaurant Group)

Two words – Quail Egg. While not the most adventurous of foods, it’s still a fun addition to the lovely Chilled Summer Ramen that The Sea Grill was serving. Found at Rockefeller Center, it’s the quintessential summer eatery after seeing a taping of a show, or a lovely place to dine after taking in the famous Christmas tree during a NYC wintery day. The ramen was served in a tiny bowl so I was able take what I can only call, a “Ramen Shot.” The dynamic seafood flavors mixed perfectly with the noodles and tiny quail egg. I can only imagine the amazing transition they will make into winter food and certainly suggest making reservations (think date night.)      

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Café Centro (Patina Restaurant Group) 

nother Patina Restaurant Group staple, Café Centro is set in the iconic international style landmark MetLife Building at Grand Central Terminal on Park Avenue at E.45th Street and offers a select menu of French favorites with a Mediterranean twist. Fresh seafood and raw bar specialties, grill selections and seasonal plats du jour are popular choices in this bustling bistro. Served at Plate by Plate was Fossil Farm pig’s head terrine with Dijon Mustard and Radish. The melt in your mouth pig came from Sussex County, NJ and tenderly complimented the bold taste of Dijon. This nibble was a Parisian paradise for the palate all while giving the flavors of a fancy BBQ.      

Coney Shack

Get on the train NOW and go to Coney Shack in none other than Coney Island. This stand was a fan favorite and for good reason. Coney Shack started two years ago as a cart that the now owner accidently bought off Craigslist (I sense he may have been drunk during this transaction.) He said what the heck, quit his job as a police officer and the rest is history. Now he incorporates the South East Asian American fusion of flavors he grew up eating into his tacos, loaded hot dogs and other eats.          


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Tiger Beer

Not to be confused with Tiger Beat Magazine or anything that has to do with Saved By The Bell (see picture to understand,) Tiger Beer is the definitive Asian lager, born and brewed in the heart of the continent and a part of the Heineken Asia Pacific family. Tiger is iconic and embodies the Asian city and really just tastes quite dandy. Launched in 1932, Tiger Beer is a pale lager beer that goes through a strict brewing process which takes over 500 hours and uses only the finest quality ingredients from Australia and Europe. The result is the intensely refreshing, full-bodied taste of one the world’s leading contemporary beer brands. If you aren’t into hoppy, dark beers and would like to venture out and try an Asian beer this is the obvious choice. It would be the perfect beverage for Sunday football and tailgating.

Gordo’s Cantina

STREET CORN fit for a prince, Gordo’s Cantina puts every other grilled corn you’ve ever tried to shame. The street style corn is coated to perfection with Queso Cotua, house made Sour Cream and topped off with Tajin Chile Powder. WARNING: you will dream about this corn on the cob after consuming.

Le Philosophe

Found on Bond St, Le Philosophe served Braised Pig Trotters with Mustard Beignets, Spiced Pecan Dust and Apple Foam that created an insane warm to cold dichotomy to the dish.


Chinese Chicken Shitake Mushroom Soup infused with Red Dates, Ginger and Goji Berries. Nomz, Inc. is a growing company that delivers wholesome Asian soups tailored for busy individual’s right to your door. Featuring traditional Asian recipes that are healthy and never adding preservatives, nomz is guilt-free and the solution when Mom, Dad and home-cooked food are far away.

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KULU Desserts

KULU Desserts serves New Yorkers Crepes, Bubble Tea, and Asian Fusion Desserts, such as Hong Kong style Sweet Soups, combination of ice cream, fresh fruits, pudding, and herbal jelly. The puddings are unlike traditional American desserts and have a VERY unique texture that is worth trying even once! I’m addicted.

Bara Restaurant

Bara, a French/Japanese tavern with food by Chef Ian Alvarez and drinks from Kyle Storm served Spanish Mackerel Tatiki with Crispy Rice, fresh Horseradish and Trout Rowe.

– Lauren Wire