Fall 2015 Food Fete (12)

I love food. Who doesn’t? Some like it more than others, but we all need it to run our engines. My girlfriend and I were invited to attend this year’s Fall Food Fête.  For those of you non-foodies out there, Food Fête is an exclusive event that introduces Public Relations and Marketing professionals in the food industry to new products coming out in the marketplace. Exhibitors showcase their newest food, beverage and kitchenware products in an intimate, cocktail party setting. So, let’s get started!  


Fall 2015 Food Fete (14)

We began by sampling some pork from Mangalista by Møsefund. Boar’s Head better watch out, as this was some of the finest salumi I’ve ever tasted. Oftentimes referred to as “Kobe” pork, Mangalista boasts the highest level of unsaturated fat of any domesticated animal species. The meat is succulent, delicate in texture, and richly-flavored, making it one of the most delicious, nutritious and healthy choices of any meat option.

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After devouring nearly half a swine I needed a drink, and thankfully the Coney Island Brewing Company was there to help. A big fan of Coney Island, I know their brews well, as I’ve had a bit too many of them at the Freak Bar on Surf Avenue. But what I didn’t know is that they’ve just opened a new brewery a few months ago right near the Boardwalk!! My girlfriend and I sampled their new Hard Root Beer. A real winner, you’ll have to watch out as it goes down fast and you don’t even realize you’re drinking alcohol as it’s so sweet.    


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Moving back to the smorgasbord, we next tried the Skip Jack Tuna from Bela Seafood. Absolutely delicious, with just 120 calories per serving and zero carbs, I could eat them all day long.  Bela is also known for their fine sardines, sourced from traditional local fisheries along the non-industrial Portuguese coastline which have existed for centuries.

Next we visited the US Potato Board booth and had some delicious spuds, as I’m a big Potato Head.  Author and NY caterer to the stars Mary Giuliani was there to sign copies of her new book, The Cocktail Party, which features a do-it-yourself Hash Bar (no, not that kinda hash!) featuring hash browns in mason jars with a variety of toppings to choose from and her famous Mashed Potato Popovers.  A really cool and easy idea, we’ll definitely be doing it for our next party.

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Going back again to the sea, we sampled some mouthwatering salmon from the FishPeople. Located in Portland, Oregon, they only harvest ten sustainable species, helping to ensure those fish will be around for generations to come.  You’ll find a tracking number on each of their packages that can be traced back to the fishermen and farmers who harvested what’s inside. How’s that for transparency?  Oh, and the salmon was Amazing! Time for some Dessert. First up, Zemas Madhouse! Zemas comes from the initials of her five kids (Zev, Emi, Max, Asher and Simon).  The Madhouse is her own home, where she started her business out of. “We all want convenient, instant health food gratification, but here at Zemas our philosophy is about balancing healthy cooking, baking and finding the right on-the-go snacks when needed. I developed my gluten-free, ancient grain based products from a health, fitness and ADHD perspective.”  Her black bean brownie bites and chocolate chip cookies would tempt even the most hardcore fitness trainer to have a few. YummEY!


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You can’t end a meal without some ice-cream though, at least that’s my motto.  Luckily Dove Chocolate was there to help out.  But they didn’t have ice-cream with them.  Instead, they were showcasing their new Sorbet Bars, which haven’t yet hit the market. OMG, the raspberry and strawberry bars were absolutely delicious! And, even better, they are just 150 calories per bar!!  My prayers have finally been answered!!!

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Other vendors included:

The a2 Milk Company, Loacker Pure Goodness, Stemilt World Famous Fruit, Bela Brand Seafood, Mangalitsa by Møsefund, United States Potato Board, Dove Sorbet,WÜSTHOF knives, Fishpeople, Meyer Corporation, Zemas Madhouse Foods, Coney Island Brewing Co., Les Domaines Paul Mas, & Chopin Vodka.

– Michael Riegelman

Additional info on Food Fête:

Food Fête is an exclusive, intimate event that introduces food PR and marketing professionals to a targeted group of top food writers.

Exhibitors showcase their newest food, beverage and kitchenware products in an intimate, cocktail party setting. In just two to three hours, meaningful conversations naturally unfold. Social media profiles give way to, well, genuine social interactions.

Food Fête’s original mission in 2005 was to become the press event for launching new products to the food media. As 2015 marks our 11th year, we’ve accomplished that and more. Food Fête has evolved into an essential industry touch point where new food products and the food press intersect.