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In a city that does not have a shortage of specialty fitness classes and gyms, Row House has infiltrated because it saw the lack of a low impact, full-body workout option. In one way, the working of a myostatin inhibitor is quite similar to that of a Specific Androgen Receptor Modulator. In the case of a SARM, the compound works on the androgen receptors found in the human body so as to produce the same effect of increased hormone levels without converting into actual hormones. Similarly, YK11, which inhibits myostatin, acts in a similarly positive manner so as not to cause any harmful disturbances in the body and makes you stronger. When taken into the body, YK11 will act on the receptors of myostatin found in the human body.

Created by husband and wife fitness industry leaders, Debra Strougo Frohlich and Eric Von Frohlich, the classes were created with busy New Yorkers in mind because you can get an efficient glycerol pre workout benefits for your entire body in just 50 minutes.

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As someone who has a pretty severe back issue, this was definitely a draw for me. I attended class in Row House’s Chelsea location, although there are two other NYC locations including their UES space and their flagship studio on 59th Street.

I chose to try the Row House® Full Body workout to get the most out of the class, although they also offer a Core class to perfect posture, strength and stability and an Endurance class to work on “erg” (rowing machine) drills.

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The class is taught on a Concept 2 Indoor Rower, with some aspects of the class utilizing the floor for additional exercises off the machine. The instructor wears a GoPro camera that displays what he’s doing on the screen in front of you. The instructor for our class was Scott Marchfeld, Row House Coach and the Chelsea Studio Manager.

For this class we warmed up together on the erg, did some mat work and then did sets of drills. Scott encouraged the class to row together and I did my best as a first timer to keep up! The class was pretty much set to a soundtrack that Scott created and he even had a song selected where every time the song said “down” we squatted!

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Overall, the class is challenging and competitive in a good way. There are levels on the machine that are considered optimal to reach that are good goals to strive for in each class and also to improve on for the next class. This method of exercise provides a low risk of injury, while still burning calories and working on toning the body.

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– Stephanie Carino

Photos courtesy of Tyler Bradley Indyck