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  Purity Vodka and UrbanDaddy joined forces to throw an elegant dinner party dubbed Supper 34. They invited 34 influencers to the Penthouse of the Hotel on Rivington, where we spent a wonderful evening dining and mingling, and also “discovering our purity” with Purity Vodka. The evening kicked off with a cocktail reception where we were treated to specialty Purity Vodka martinis topped with real gold flakes. A strong start to the evening!    

Purity Vodka and UrbanDaddy Supper34 (2)

After a few minutes of conversing, guests were all invited to be seated for dinner. While we introduced ourselves to our neighbors, we had a warm welcome from Purity Vodka founder Thomas Kuuttanen. He told us that before he started creating his own vodka, he worked with a Scotch brand, and therefore didn’t very much care for vodka. He thought that unlike Scotch, vodka didn’t have much personality.

With Purity he sought to change that notion and has been perfecting his vodka recipe for the past 10 years. The process involves distilling the vodka 34 times – hence the number of guests invited that evening. His goal is not to create a mainstream vodka that will please everyone, but to create a flavorful but clean vodka that a handful of people will love and truly enjoy.

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With this rousing speech, everyone was excited to give Purity a taste, and started off with cocktails personally selected for us by the Purity Vodka mixologist. In advance of the dinner, we were all emailed a survey about our tastes and preferences, and we were assigned one of four cocktail options: Sweet and Sours, Smokey Browns, Spicy Citrus, and Herbaceous Sippers. I pretty much enjoy any and all cocktails, but the cocktail selected for me was in the sweet and sour category, dubbed the Swede n’ Sour:

  • 2 oz. Purity Vodka
  • 1/2 oz. lemon juice
  • 1/2 oz. Demerara syrup
  • Shake and stir into rocks class, top with 1/4 oz. aged rum.



      Purity Vodka and UrbanDaddy Supper34 (6) Purity Vodka and UrbanDaddy Supper34 (9)

This paired wonderfully with our first dish of the evening, which were pan-roasted scallops in beurre blanc. For our second course, we enjoyed the homemade soft-egg ravioli in a white truffle sauce with shallots. This dish was paired with the Garden of Sweden, which very much tasted like a salad in cocktail form: Purity Vodka with bell pepper, fresh lemon, basil, black pepper syrup, and truffle salt.

Purity Vodka and UrbanDaddy Supper34 (8) Purity Vodka and UrbanDaddy Supper34 (11)

For the main entree, we went back to seafood with black cod white miso wrapped in butter lettuce topped with crispy potatoes. The cocktail pairing was with The UrbanDaddy: Purity Vodka with pear nectar, yuzu, and sparking wine. We ended it all with a delicious light dessert of vanilla lavender creme brulee paired with the Purity Milk Punch with almond milk, honey lavender syrup, and vanilla.

Purity Vodka and UrbanDaddy Supper34 (13) Purity Vodka and UrbanDaddy Supper34 (14)

After a night of wonderful company trying out a number of delicious vodka cocktails, it was a sad moment when it all came to end. Fortunately, the 34 guests were all lucky to take a bottle of Purity Vodka home as a parting gift. I can’t say that I will make a cocktail quite as delicious, but I am certainly inspired by this delicious vodka to test a few new recipes!

Purity Vodka and UrbanDaddy Supper34 (15) Purity Vodka and UrbanDaddy Supper34 (7)


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