2016 Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival (4) 2016 Beer Bourbon & BBQ Festival (5)

I simply LOVE LOVE LOVE the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival. Beer, bourbon and BBQ … how can you go wrong?!?

The annual Beer, Bourbon and BBQ Festival was held at the Tunnel and as usual it did not disappoint: there is any and everything your heart desires. Good food, alcohol and good people. That is an ideal Saturday! You just walk through the Tunnel and the adjacent rooms getting happy tipsy, getting to know people and enjoying new experiences.

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Here are a few of my favorites from the event. My favorite beers were Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout from SweetWater Brewing Company, a beer company I have not come across before, and Hi-Res by Sixpoint Brewery. The Stout was very dark in color with a roasty chocolaty nose (probably why I liked it so much). The taste is just pure goodness. A roasted malt with an after taste of chocolate and molasses. Yum!

I had tried the Hi-Res Imperial IPA before, and it is a very strong and hoppy beer. If you are not into hoppy beers steer clear of this one. The color is golden, the nose fruity with taste of orange, grapefruit and piney.

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I have never really been a bourbon drinker but when I started going here I learned the appeal and what quality means when it comes to bourbon. I know Pappy Van Winkle is considered the best bourbon and you can taste Pappy Van Winkle in their “specialty” bourbon section, but I tend to go for the Orphan Barrel Rhetoric 21. I tried both during their VIP “Grand Poobah Feast” portion of the event, which offers small tastes, as well as at the High-End “specialty” Bourbon area.

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My favorite food was the burnt ends by Butcher Bar, located at 37-10 30th Ave in Astoria. And although Butcher Bar was great, the one thing I always wait for is the hogs to come out. Two hogs come out for each session. The first one was from Koby’s Smokehouse and the second was from Handsome Devil. They were both amazing so you can’t go wrong with either one. Normally I ask for the cheek as it is my favorite meat from a hog, but because the cheek has become incredible popular, unfortunately I did not get any this time around. Maybe next time.

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It is great to hang out at your favorite place, be it by the beer, bourbon, food or Fire Fly, my favorite moonshine brand and where you will always find me. I do enjoy their Grand Poobah Feast where you get introduced to different drinks and get a bit of education. Knowledge is always preferable when having to choose your favorite. And on top of it you get even more food. Yes it is a complete feast where there is no limit.

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This event is just about enjoying the drinks, food and good company so next time make sure to get tickets!

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