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Something happens to women’s hair as they grow older: it gets thinner, you lose more hair than when you were in your early twenties (I am 34, I know you are asking yourself). My hair has gotten thinner and my hair is coming out in chunks, so much so that it is getting scary – but to be fair, I have not really treated my hair well either. I always had it up in a high and tightly twisted knot. I cut it maybe once a year. I would never use products to protect it and would never drink enough water. Safe to say that my hair has seen better days.

If you are familiar with my posts here on Socially Superlative, you know that I love Vartali Salon and they do the best job on hair in the city by far. Who else would I trust to fix my hair?

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The best colorist in the city is Anna Page, and once again she agreed to do some fun and new things with my hair. Last time we colored it a deep red but this time I wanted to be more summer ready. The best thing about the Vartali staff is they actually listen. They listened to what I was looking for and advised on what they believed was possible with the type of hair that I have.

I presented a few images with the hair cut I was looking for and the colors that I was hoping to get close to. Anna and I were on the same page (no pun intended) right away and we agreed that two scales of highlights would do the trick. It would make my hair summer ready and give the illusion of more full-bodied hair. Boy, was she right: the color is AMAZING! Still loving the highlights.

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Piet Sinthuchai previously took care of my hair, but he has become insanely busy because he is just that awesome. The Vartali staff is popular because they take pride in what they do and Mika is no different.

Mika Geudelekian was my stylist/haircutter this time. I had not worked with him before, but he seemed so enthusiastic about the make-over and I was so happy he ended up doing the cutting. Don’t get me wrong, there is NO bad choice when it comes to selecting a stylist at Vartali, but our personalities just fit. Huge relief.

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Mika, therefore, made time for me so that we could have some fun with the adventure of cutting off 10 to 12 inches of hair. I must admit I was nervous and had butterflies, but as soon as the haircut started I was instantly relieved and knew Mika and I had made the right choice.

Mika was more than helpful, giving advice on how to save my somewhat ruined hair. It is very dry still, although the cut did wonders. We had a blast and my hair came out amazing. Thank you, Mika!

It has been a week now and I have started to get used to my new hair. The cut is so easy. I can choose to do something – or not – and it looks great either way. That is a perfect haircut, and as I established in the beginning, I am lazy and I will not always do hair drying or use products and so forth.

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Best advice I can give: Your hair is worth the best and you are guaranteed a haircut that is versatile, which honestly is needed when you have 10 hour work days, a husband, a family who needs you, and still make it to the gym 4 times a week.

Images were taken by the formidable Diego Mas Gonzalez. Thank you for being my photographer for the day!

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