Saved by the 90s at Webster Hall (38)

As someone who grew up in the 90s, I know the importance of raw nostalgia in the form of tunes from my childhood favorites {enter Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Shania Twain and Spice Girls.} The Bayside Tigers recognized that the 90s will never die, so they created an evening dedicated to reliving the raddest decade – Saved By the 90s at the electric Webster Hall.

Saved by the 90s at Webster Hall (25) Saved by the 90s at Webster Hall (42)

Webster Hall is one of North America’s most prestigious and historic entertainment venues operating continuously as a performance hall and nightclub since 1886. Located in New York City’s East Village, this 40,000 square foot architectural landmark hosts every type of major event and performance across all cultural spectrums.

Saved by the 90s at Webster Hall (17) Saved by the 90s at Webster Hall (43)

Armed with sweatbands, windbreakers, scrunchies, crop tops, snapbacks and electric-colored garb galore, The Bayside Tigers have brought back the 90’s in full force. So, if Gettin’ Jiggy with it is on your weekend schedule, then You Oughtta Know Saved By The 90s is What’s Up.

Saved by the 90s at Webster Hall (33) Saved by the 90s at Webster Hall (16)

I’m certainly My Own Worst Enemy when it comes to knowing what to wear to these parties, but Man! I feel like Woman when I throw on 90’s gear and I bet you will too! There’s no need to feel like a Basket Case because everyone will be loving your #throwbackoutfit even if you are wondering to yourself, What My Age Again. Upon arrival you’ll Wannabe in a good spot for the show because this band has showmanship! You may even meet one or Two Princes to cabbage patch, two-step, sprinkler or Vogue with all night. Hey, one of them might Only Wanna Be with You when dancing to the best of the 90s.

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It’s All the Small Things about the night that make it worth experiencing, especially how the band treats the audience members like All Star(s). In-between songs they’re sure to adlib and interact. The lead female singer called out to me about my Pizza is Life Shirt and I thought to myself, “I Will Always Love You pizza.” Then I went and purchased a slice from the pizza maker right in Webster Hall! Yas – drunk food on premise.

 Saved by the 90s at Webster Hall (14) Saved by the 90s at Webster Hall (2)

If you don’t have Friends in Low Places, or even if you do, you can also consider getting VIP. Saved By The 90s, they can accommodate it all and have created custom packages for every party animal. For the ultimate Saved By The 90s experience, guests can purchase the Totally Rad 90s Party Package ($60/person), which features complimentary admission for all party members, ‘skip the line’ entry upon arrival, a special shootout from the band, inclusive well-drinks + domestic beers from 10pm – 3amand a complimentary slice of pizza. If you are getting hitched and looking for that special evening to celebrate the last few days of being single, brides-to-be can get in on the action with the Bachelorette Party Package too.

 Saved by the 90s at Webster Hall (41)

This dance parrrtay lives up to the hype and with a repertoire of over 150 jams and more being added every week, it’s a party you can attend again and again. They’ve also welcomed special guests and 90s icons over the years such as Dustin Diamond (Screech), Aaron Carter, Coolio, Sophie B. Hawkins, Naughty By Nature, Chris Barron (Spin Doctors), Mark McGrath, Lisa Loeb, Dennis Haskins (Mr. Belding) and more. Promise, you’ll have the Time of Your Life!

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The party features live 90s music from The Bayside Tigers and a dance party with DJ Suga Ray. For more information, please visit:

– Lauren Wire

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