I’m sure most of you know about the New York Renaissance Faire in Tuxedo Park – it has been going on since 1977 after all – but the newer Forest of Fear is a bit less known.

Run by the same folks that produce the Renfaire, Forest of Fear has seven different areas chock full o’frights ranging from Uncle Jimmy’s BBQ (Bodies Butchered Quick) to Das Spa, where their Deep Tissue Massage goes all the way to your bone.


My girlfriend and I had a spooky fun time there. Just make sure you dress appropriately as it gets a bit chilly standing on line, and yes, there will be a line as this is a very popular haunted attraction. The full experience is just over 30 minutes and afterwards there’s a small carnival area where you can pay $5 to have some krazy ghouls throw real knives at you – Really! There’s also a coffin ride, but I’m way claustrophobic so I didn’t try it.


You can also warm up with some hot apple cider and chow on a few yummy treats.

To see more info on the 7 haunts, check out: Uncle Jimmy’s, CarniEVIL of the Damned, Blind Panic, Craven Brothers, Slaughterhouse, Mourningwood and Das Spa.

– Michael Riegelman

Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights starting at 7:00pm