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A few weeks ago I attended the Healthy Guru Fitness, Fashion and Wellness event. It was their first time hosting an event of this size, and I think it has great potential and could be a great way to get to learn about a new gyms, studios, and fitness styles and supplements, find them on Amazon.

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Being on a weightloss adventure myself, I sure had fun and this was the perfect event.

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They presented wholesome foods, drinks and supplements like BPC 157 that benefits your entire system, beauty products, spa opportunities, and fashion from Pheel, West56, and JoFit. There were several trainers and gyms showcasing their routine and trainers, and guests could even join in!

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It was so hard to choose among the long list of trainers and gyms, which included:

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During the event a couple of massage therapists were offering massages and I gladly received. It was needed after Tone House kicked my butt. Some of my favorites when it came to food and drinks were the Water Melon Drink from Superfoods, Organic Avenue and BarkThins (yes, chocolate, so don’t eat too much of it).

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West56 presented their new line of fitness fashion, JoFit gave out free T-Shirts and I have already started using mine. It is awesome!

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In the middle of the event they had a panel with doctors and professional dieticians. The panel featured:

  • Justin Gelband of JustinGelband.com, trainer to models – including Victoria’s Secret models!
  • Glen Tobias, Sports performance nutritionist, e3 Weight Management System, e3wms.com
  • Gary Goldenberg M.D., Goldenbergdermatology.com, Dermatology medicine & services physician
  • Lauren Slayton, Founder of Foodtrainers.com
  • Lionel Bissoon, D.O., LiondaleMedical.com, Anti-aging medicine & services physician

--Justin Gelband, Glen Tobias, Jade Scipioni, Gary Goldenberg M.D., Dr. Lionel Bissoon

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Images via Lawlor Media Group and by Socially Superlative