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Earlier this month we celebrated the grand re-opening of Bowlmor Times Square, showing off a slew of spectacular new updates and renovations.

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The venue now houses 7 unique bowling suites with different New York City themes, from Central Park to Chinatown. Every detail of each room is planned out with something exciting at every turn. The murals of the iconic scenes from Coney Island were hand painted by street artist Jonas Never, and the graffitied subway corridors were commissioned by artist Stephen Halker. Even the Times Square lanes has a tattoo parlor corner with an authentic vintage barber’s chair.

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In Chinatown, the entryway is lined with slews of golden Lucky Cats waving as you walk by, and paper lanterns hang from the ceiling. The Pop Art lounge featured graphic vinyl images and retro furniture, while the Uptown Lounge had the aura of an old fashioned gentleman’s living room with big leather couches, a fireplace (with faux fire), and a (faux) taxidermy deer head. The Prohibition room featured vintage whiskey bottles lining the shelves alongside distilling equipment with vintage art and signage.

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With 48 lanes of blacklight bowling, a new Central Park lounge for those who think bowling is too strenuous, and even an interactive arcade and game section complete with prizes, there is something here for everyone.

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After all of the fun and games, you and your guest will work up an appetite. Be sure to plan your signature menu in advance to keep your friends and family happy! They have customizable packages based on the vision for your party. Their regular menu consists of wings, pizza, nachos, and more – but if you really want to make a lasting impression, you’re gonna have to special menu from their outrageous menu consisting of:

  • The Behemoth Burger, a 5-pound burger outfitted with bacon, American cheese, toppings including lettuce, tomatoes, and pickles, and slathered with their Roundup sauce
  • The Coney Mega Dog, a two-foot hot dog stopped with diced onions, mustard, and Coney sauce
  • Pizza Cupcakes, where the pizza dough is stuffed on the inside of the cupcake and topped with pizza sauce and mozarella cheese. Choose from the triple meat option, or the vegetarian-friendly spinach and ricotta filling
  • The Pizza Cake, a 9-inch towering cake with layers of melted mozarella, pizza sauce, sausage, pepperoni, meatballs
  • The Goliath Pizza, 28-inches of cheesiness with your choice of toppings

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For drinks, wash it all down at one of the four bars, and try their signature drinks including the Mad Mai Tai, Old-School Moscow Mule, or the Dunk Tank – you don’t want to know what’s in that fishbowl, but it’s perfect for sharing. Request the Luna Lounge for an even more intimate affair in this private party space that features a DJ booth, an expansive dance floor, a performance stage for all your antics, and a private bar.

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Plan your next holiday party or birthday at the Bowlmor Times Square and explore the colorful neighborhoods of NYC while enjoying a night of bowling and games.


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Bowlmor Times Square
222 W. 44th Street
between 7th and 8th Avenue